About – Silly Sil

Heyo! About veers in a slighty different – but more fascinating, at least in my opinion – direction with this issue, starting a trend of focusing not on maps or situations, but rather on members of the Garry’s Mod community from 2006. Some of them we still know and love today, others… lost to time, I’m afraid. Today’s case is the latter, but the issue is still pretty great:

As Near Elite himself points out, his own persona starts to get better defined in this issue:

The first persona About, it seems. And geez, I really can’t stop making hints of me liking… ecchi.

Silly Sil returns in the next installment, which is actually a response to the community’s reaction to About – To be a Girl, Part 1, so you could say #It’sAllConnected. Stay tuned for more!


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