About – Don’t Mess with About

Why, hello there, you beautiful person. Today’s About has a valuable life lesson for all of us – well, two, if you count not messing with Near Elite:

Today’s lesson is: plagiarism is bad, mmkay? Near Elite seems to think his reaction was overblown, though:

There was a reason this comic was made, but I don’t think it was good enough reason for this to exist. But I guess it’s a reminder of the drama that occasionally happened on the forums.

Maybe it’s not comic-worthy, but it’s still a nice reminder to do your own thing rather than rip off someone else’s!

Either way, next week’s About comics feature a couple more personal skins from the old days, including a very familiar one to long-time followers of Metrocop. But I won’t spoil it, so you’ll just have to come back soon!

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