About – fy_iceworld

Hey, how’s it going? We’re back with one more installment of Near Elite’s seminal Garry’s Mod comic series, About. This time, we take a look at a highly popular fan-made Counter-Strike map, fy_iceworld. If you’re not familiar with fy_ (Fight Yard) maps, basically they’re deathmatches where players pick up their weapons from the ground.

Now that we’ve explained it, go on and enjoy this fun romp:

Near himself seems to have a harsher perspective on this comic, though:

A brief return to CS:S maps. I think even my past self realized the forced nature of the comic.

I dunno, I thought it was amusing, if a bit short.

Anyway, we’ll go back to unnumbered issues on Wednesday for a special issue, then back to our regularly scheduled programming. See ya!

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