About – People I Trust & Itis-Itis

Uh, h-hey! We, er, skipped last Wednesday… sorry. I’m just so busy with work and a bunch of other big-boy responsibilities, Metrocop keeps paying the price. But I’m here now!

And since last Wednesday I didn’t post a comic, here it is alongside Monday’s planned comic. Enjoy!

This is really Near Elite’s About at its best – when it starts going beyond random maps and starts delving into the colorful characters of ’06-era Facepunch. I personally really enjoy both issues and their charms, they might even be some of my favorites.

Here come Near’s comments:

#26 Trust : Roasting internet friends is considered okay.

#27 Itis-itis : Well this was weird. I think there was some drama back then.

So, hey, I’ll try not to skip this Wednesday, okay? So come back soon for more great Garry’s Mod comics!

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