About – Simkas

Heyo! Another day, another About! It’s usually on Wednesdays but it was just simpler for me to do this one on a Thursday, what can you do.

Anyhow, today’s Near Elite comic is about a longstanding member of the Garry’s Mod communities, Simkas! He was a fairly prolific modeller and skinner, which the comic illustrates pretty well. I’m fairly sure he’s even still active around some parts.

Enjoy the comic!

Here’s what Near had to say about the comic:

Another good internet friend. He helped me a lot with providing unique models and stuff, and it makes me sad that I didn’t use them more. And I forgot what the spoiler is.

Ngh, that spoiler is killing me!!! What is it?! I guess we’ll never know…

Anyway, next up we’ll release the final installment of the first generation of About, so don’t you dare miss it. Have a nice weekend!

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