Near Elite’s collection is finally complete

Hello there. A few months ago we were on a roll re-releasing Near Elite’s collection of Garry’s Mod comics, which we abruptly stopped near the very end of Generation 1 of About for various (personal) reasons. I’m happy to report we’ve just added all the remaining comics to the Comic Archive!

Finishing up Generation 1 of About is a comic about Near Elite’s very best friend, Kazumi:

Generation 2 of About, created for PHWOnline after Near Elite was crowned a PHW Comics Team member, is made up of 11 issues, all of which detail multiple subjects and move away from the original topic of About covering in-game maps. They’re all extremely well edited and very enjoyable, so go ahead and, uh, enjoy:

About - NinjaAbout - Divide by ZeroAbout - CowbellAbout - To Sue in the USAAbout - SunglassesAbout - Today's CellphonesAbout - SpartaAbout - To be a Comic Maker (Remake)About - SneezingAbout - CocksAbout - Shake Hands

Just a brief side note, but the remake of “To be a Comic Maker” is eerily similar to my own “Garry’s Mod Comic Makers” comic from 2011. Mind you, I’m not accusing Near Elite of plagiarism; mine actually came years after – so, if anything, I would be the plagiarist. But I admit I had zero recollection of that comic until Near sent it to me to archive. Either a bizarre coincidence or my subconscious somehow still remembered the comic and opted to re-remake it, but either way, too weird not to point out.

Besides About, I was also saving up a single comic for last, Near Theft Auto: Garry’s Mod, which, despite the name, is actually more of a reference/parody of Rat Race than anything. Regardless, it’s pretty great:

And with that, Near Elite’s collection is finally complete on Metrocop. I apologize for the delay, but I hope getting the remaining comics in one go makes up for that.

Friday next week (August 31) is Metrocop’s sixth anniversary and I plan on making a very important announcement on that date. If you care about Metrocop, you might wanna check it out. Either way, have a rest of a great August, everyone!

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