This is where we get off.

It’s been exactly six years since Metrocop started. At the time, with Garry’s Mod comics pretty much extinct after most dedicated sites were done, it was intended as a place for me to talk about Valve as well as post a brand new series I had started, The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage. Never did I guess it would have lasted so long and seen so much happen in the meantime.

That said, all good things must come to an end, which is why I’m officially declaring the end of Metrocop and personally moving on from the Garry’s Mod community as a whole.

I’m afraid there’s not a very dramatic reason why I decided to finally call it quits – not a big behind-the-scenes fight like in some older GMod comic communities, nor even a big ‘nuking’ of the site like with PHWOnline. Honestly, I have just finally run out of passion; in fact, I think I ran out a long while ago. Instead of loving to keep old comics afloat in the Archive, it just became a chore I had to do every week, and with my real-life job taking more and more of my time, it just became increasingly impossible to keep up.
Plus, while I was genuinely (and arguably unhealthily) obsessed with Half-Life for a good while, it’s just been too long since Episode Two and I’ve finally gotten over it. Of course, now that I’m closing Metrocop, expect Half-Life: VR or Half-Life 3 to be officially announced really soon, because that’s just the way these things go.

Still, I like to think Metrocop has had a pretty good run. When we started off back in 2012, pretty much everyone was done with Garry’s Mod comics, but we managed to drag some people out of retirement, even had a truly amazing period in 2014 where it felt like everyone was doing comics again and a lot of old faces came back to say ‘hi’, and were still consistently reposting comics every week as recently as last May. We even had an amazing, brand new Half-Life 2 comic quite recently with Orpheus’ Kaden: Episode One, which feels like an apt final new comic for our little website, seeing as Kaden was in the making nearly as long as Metrocop was around. And, if nothing else, the fact that Jim_Riley came back to continue Beyond Borders and Mjolnir82991 even debuted a whole new series, Combine Exchange Program, singlehandedly makes Metrocop an unmitigated success in my book.

In any case, also quite unlike our predecessors, Metrocop won’t just be deleted altogether or blown up to bits (though that admittedly sounds pretty fun). It’s been a lot of work to get all these comics in one place, so it’ll stay here for your viewing pleasure indefinitely – though the domain will most likely expire at some point, after which the site will relocate to has a pretty good record on keeping old blogs alive for well over a decade, so Metrocop will still be here when you want to re-read your favorite classics.
As for the forums, I will be slightly more drastic there and close participation soon, though you will also still be able to revisit old threads and find old posted comics. When the domain runs out, you’ll be able to find them at I’ll leave them open for a bit longer though, so that any member who wants to say their farewells can have the chance – who knows, maybe everyone can even get together and find a new place to relocate to.

Regardless, if you’re still worried about having access to the Comic Archive or just want to keep the comics on your own personal disks for the future, I have compiled all of the 640 comics in the Comic Archive into one compressed RAR file for download.  You can use WinRAR to extract the files.


Mirror link

Speaking for Metrocop as well as myself personally, I want to thank ESToomere, Jim_Riley, Mjolnir82991, AJ Rimmer/LeftLiner, Yukon, Orpheus and everyone who helped make Metrocop such a special place and such a great community for all these years. Also, a special shout-out to Arctic Avenger, Gundam_mk2Chris and, of course, jim_cjr for being such long-running members of the Garry’s Mod comics community.

As for me, I’m proud to have been a part of the GMod comics community since 2007 (earlier even if you consider when I was just lurking the cool sites, like PHW and Concerned) and helped keep it alive for so long. It’s time for me to grow up a bit and move on for good, but I’ll always cherish the good times I’ve had with this community, which are the reason I kept going for so long.
I’m also really, genuinely sorry I never got around to finishing The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage – trust me, I’ll continue to have some sleepless nights over that one -, but I guess it’s appropriate that it would never have a resolution, being a Half-Life 2 comic and all. But who knows, maybe I’ll get back to it someday… you never truly know. All I can say is, I am honestly very proud I even got as far as I did with that, and I’m glad I can leave that as my legacy in this community.

Thank you, all. I will see you up ahead.

— Mythos


  1. It’s… Been a long, time. How have you been? (Oh wait, wrong game)

    Why hello there, Mythos. I’m quite disappointed in the fact that this marvelous creation is coming to an end, however, reading your email, I can’t argue with your reasoning.

    You’ve had a very good run, it seems, creating your comics, keeping a forum running, and taking the time to answer the comments here and there. I have enjoyed this site and wished I could have been here sooner, but, as you said, all good things must eventually end.

    I hope you have a good time, Mythos, and I still have yet to come up with the means to create my own comics, though when I do, it would be amazing if you happened to give feedback (I am not demanding you to, if you may think that from this. Please do not think that.)

    Alas, I must go. Best of luck in your future endeavours, and I hope you have a pleasant time as your days continue.


    Jack Grantham.

    • Hi Jack,

      Thank you for your appreciation. I will be moving on but I’d still be happy to give you my feedback if you ever need it. I believe you have my e-mail.

      Best of luck with your projects!

  2. Thank You for the past 6 years you dedicated to Metrocop and the Cult Fans of this unique art form like me.

    I feel like this site is a museum in need of a new Curator.

    Some of us “Age is an Attitude” especially for retro, vintage, and classic gaming. The use of Gary’s Mod to make comics is still a unique art form. Maybe one could say it has a cult following.

    I have enjoyed your site over the many years satisfying the need for more Garry’s Mod comic entertainment after finding and reading through Chris Livingston’s Concerned. The site has presented the comics in an easy to read format vs. having to pick them out from the non-working search and other junk (stuff that is not a comic) surrounding them in a forum. I have shared your and many other fan’s excitement of seeing the comics you brought back from the lost and in my case for the first time. Doubt I am alone in seeing “classics” here on Metrocop for the first time.

    You have proven the art form is still alive and brought us new comics yourself and by encouraging other Gary’s Mod artists to make more.

    The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage is nothing to lose sleep over. It’s really in true style of Half-Life where it’s never finished. I enjoy the art – story finished or not. I would love to see more new comics come out.

    As a fan of the art form and nothing more I implore you to re-consider turning over the reins of Metrocop to a new Curator. It will always be what you started.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Joshua. Since you brought up the topic of handing Metrocop over to someone else again, let me take the chance to clarify that further.

      Back when our oldest predecessor, PHWOnline, was still a thing, its creator, Michael, also decided to move on – in a much more drastic way than me, even. He did eventually hand the reins over to others, but the only thing that came out of it was PHW slowly decaying and pretty much becoming a trolling space for about a year until it was unceremoniously deleted altogether.
      Much the same way, our more direct ancestor, Phenomena On Break, went through a similar situation. Delirium, its founder, got sick of it and decided to move on, but he handed out leadership to someone else – me, in fact. What happened was a lot of sudden problems, a lot of bad decisions and the site just shutting down anyway about two weeks later.

      Those two stories served to teach me what happens when the original creator gets burned out, opts to move on but lets someone else run the place: everything dies anyway but it just becomes a lot worse in the process. Given that knowledge, I’d rather just stop it altogether when it’s still a positive place, rather than risk it going the way of all the other sites. Therefore, my decision stands and the forums will soon be shut off for good.

      Regardless, I’ve since suggested many times that the more dedicated members of the community create a new, better site to replace Metrocop, just like PHW gave way to POB and then POB gave way to Metrocop. It’s only the natural course of things and I’m sure a lot of good could potentially come out of it. Hopefully someone will heed my suggestion and, even if I do move on, there’ll still be a place where people can appreciate this quirky little art form.

    • Sadly, no, I haven’t yet. High cost of entry. But as it so happens, I was already deep into my love of Half-Life again when it was announced, so that was a sweet coincidence.

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