The Nostalgia Update: Day 5

The Nostalgia Update

Hello and welcome! Welcome to the final day of Metrocop’s Nostalgia Update, a haven of old-school Garry’s Mod comics, re-released online for your viewing pleasure! On Day 1, we had Clover (Jeff, Secret Agent Whiskey and more); on Day 2, the old comics of yours truly, Mythos; Day 3 was all about the huge PoB/CR-O War; and yesterday, Day 4, was a re-release of FZE’s works.

Just as I started the Nostalgia Update with a huge nostalgia trip to one of the biggest Garry’s Mod comic classic authors, it seemed appropriate to end on a somewhat similar, and yet hugely contrasting, note. Contrasting because, where Jeff was a cheerful and lighthearted comedy, this series in particularly triumphs in its dark humor and self-deprecating tone. Sound familiar? And also, amusingly enough, this series was actually the very first contribution to the Metrocop Comic Archive. The last to be released is actually responsible for kick-starting the whole thing!

As you may have already guessed, the final Day of the Nostalgia Update is all about Worse than Life! In fact, it’s the re-release of all Worse than Life issues – and including, of course, the latest issues as well, released on Metrocop to begin with!

Worse than Life
And with these 49 extra comics, the content of the new Comic Archive is now complete! Therefore, it’s now finally online, complete with not only the series released throughout the week, but also the previously released The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage and another quintessential classic, Apostasy!

Go check it out!

Likewise, by the time you read this, you’ll likely already have the new Metrocop menu to go with the new logo and archive, which should simplify browsing through the site! Ain’t I nice?

This was a fun thing to do and it’s great to finally have literally months of work pay off, for everyone’s enjoyment. That said, it’s not the last update the Comic Archive will ever get! It’s simply its original release, but you’ll get more comics – classics and, hopefully, brand new stuff – as time goes by. Not everything will go in, I’m afraid, mostly because I need to be careful with upload space, but you’ll get more awesome stuff, for sure!

For further updates, I suggest you follow the site through e-mail subscription (or, if you’re a registered WordPress user, through your WordPress account), and you’re always welcome to just come back occasionally to check the news and re-read your favorite comics! With your help and attention, perhaps we can make Metrocop the definitive modern Garry’s Mod comics website!

And with that, the Nostalgia Update is officially over! Apologies for the lack of hat drops and new weapons, but I hope you enjoyed the comics! Come back soon!

The Nostalgia Update: Day 4

The Nostalgia Update

Hi, good to see you! Welcome to Day 4 of The Nostalgia Update, where I bring back Garry’s Mod comics from the old days in one Comic Archive, exclusively at! Day 1 had Clover’s classic comics re-released, Day 2 brought back my own old comics, Day 3 resurrected an old conflict known as the PoB/CR-O War, and now we’re up to Day 4 of our five-day nostalgia extravaganza!

As with Day 2, today is a small release, with only 17 comics overall, but they are the creative work of someone I feel was a very underrated Garry’s Mod comic maker, with a very distinct grasp on dry humor and an excellent ability to make comics that are both action-packed and hilarious.

Therefore, Day 4 is all about… FZE! In case you’re unfamiliar, FZE was a comic maker who started way back in 2005 and stayed active until as late as 2011. If you paid attention to yesterday’s release, you’ll probably have already read some of his work, as he contributed a few comics to the PoB/CR-O War. Unfortunately, many of his comics are currently lost. These are the ones that have made the Nostalgia Update:

FZE and Mythos' Badass Adventure sfa-banner
Pokémon Burgundy Version FZE's Single Comics

Of course, if he ever finds more of his old comics, I’ll gladly upload them for your viewing pleasure! As you’ll see when you read (or re-read) these, his work was really unique and excellent overall.

That makes 4 out of 5 days in the Nostalgia Update! Tomorrow is the final day, where not only do I release another classic series (which Metrocop visitors may already be familiar with), but I finally make the Comic Archive page official. I hope you’ll look forward to it… but in the meantime, enjoy FZE’s comics!

Oh, and remember, if you wanna be up to date at all times on Metrocop’s new posts, you can subscribe! For now, see ya tomorrow!

The Nostalgia Update: Day 3

The Nostalgia Update

Hello! Here we are again! In case you’re just joining us or missed something, the Nostalgia Update is the release of old-school comics for the new Metrocop Comic Archive. Day 1 featured Clover’s classic comics, including Jeff and Secret Agent Whiskey, and Day 2 was a re-release of my own old comics from 2007 up to 2011.

As most of you probably know, the majority of old-school Garry’s Mod comics found an audience in PHWOnline, an old and long-defunct site. In that same site, I joined a group called Phenomena on Break (PoB), led by a guy with the username GrowingDelirium, and we had some good times as the group grew in size and cool people joined us. I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t care for Garry’s Mod comics for so long if it hadn’t been that group and the people I met there.
At a certain point in 2008 – about half a year into my Garry’s Mod comic making “career”, in fact -, a guy going by the name “Looshkin” essentially threw a challenge directed at the PoB members. While we were a relatively small (albeit growing) group at the time, what resulted was a surprisingly massive Garry’s Mod comics event with the participation of a lot of people from the forum.

Today, Day 3 of the Nostalgia Update, I’m re-releasing that event in its entirety. The PoB/CR-O War, started by Looshkin, is a 42-part epic that, while unfortunately (and somewhat ridiculously) left unfinished at the very end, is well worth a read (or re-read):

The PoB/CR-O War

(Small technical heads-up: unlike other pages from the Comic Archive, individual issues of the PoB/CR-O War don’t get their own subpages. In technical terms, due to the differences in dimensions between issues, it didn’t feel appropriate to limit them to the same exact width – I find it better to read them like this. Thank you for understanding! Feel free to leave comments about individual issues on the main PoB/CR-O War page)

Like yesterday, tomorrow will see a smaller-scale release – but believe me, what this one is missing in quantity, it’ll make up for in quality! And on Friday, the fifth and final day, you’ll see another big release to finish off, as well as the official Comic Archive page that’ll make finding all these comics a lot easier! To make sure you don’t forget to visit, you can always subscribe to the site!

Alright, I hope to see ya back here tomorrow! And have fun reading the War!


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