Steam group now available!

Okay, so maybe, for some reason, you don’t want to join the ultra-cool Metrocop forums but want to be a part of the growing community somehow. Or you just want an easy way of being informed when the community is playing together, especially now that ESToomere has been kind enough to provide a server to whatever game we’d like to play. Or maybe you’d just like to meet other Metrocop members on Steam!

Whatever the case may be, never fear, for Metrocop has finally taken a small step forward in social networking with the creation of its Steam group!

Steam Group

I welcome you to join the group and any games we may have together!

Note to self: release dates are bad

I intend on making a comprehensive tutorial on comic making for Metrocop sometime. I have this idea of having a section for tips and advice at the end, after all the step-by-step lessons, and one of those tips would be “Don’t set release dates. More often than not, you won’t be able to keep them.” That comes from experience and, sadly, I should remember to follow my own advice.

While I never made any promises, it was my intention to have the first story arc of Mythic Comics as a weekly comic, which would mean a release this Friday. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts (and believe me, I’ve been pulling my weight whenever I can), I doubt I’ll manage to hit that release date, as I’m very far behind. More importantly, I’d rather take my time making it as good as I want it, instead of rushing it to release as planned and later regret the end result.

At the very least, what I can do is release the cover for issue #2 right now in anticipation of the future release:

Click for full resolution (1000x1518px)

Click for full resolution (1000x1518px)

I still intend to release this soon, and followed by #3 and #4 as soon as possible afterwards. It definitely won’t take months for the next issue to come out, especially at the rate I’ve been progressing. I really do hope you’ll be willing to wait and thank you for your interest.

On better news, when I’m unable to work on the comic, I’ve been doing a lot of progress on a new big update to the Comic Archive! I see it as free DLC for Metrocop and it’s filled to the brim with good ones. Please look forward to it!

Comics Roundup: 16/02/2015

Comics Roundup: 16/02/2015

Hello! I tend to release these on Fridays or weekends, but this was a very busy weekend for me personally, so I only just managed to make the time to prepare this post. My apologies!

That said, it’s worth the wait, as this week was very active comics-wise, a good sign for the times to come! Besides Mythic Comics #1 last Friday, here’s the community-created comics of the past week:

  • 10/02/2015: Beyond Borders Episode I, by Jim_Riley. As I mentioned recently, Jim_Riley began to re-release past episodes of his alternate take on the Half-Life 2 universe, re-edited as a “Redux” version with a better, more modern layout. I couldn’t have asked for a better Metrocop forums exclusive, and it was a surprise, too!
  • 11/02/2015: Beyond Borders Episode II, by Jim_Riley. The re-releases continued the following day with the second episode, the one that really shows the differences between his story and the Half-Life 2 we know, and puts an exciting twist on a very familiar face from the award-winning game.
  • 13/02/2015: Beyond Borders Episode III, by Jim_Riley. The final entry so far in the Beyond Borders series, which will be eventually be continued with IV as soon as it’s done. Unlike the first two episodes, which are set within City Seventeen, Episode III sets off to parts unknown in an exciting, explosive shootout.
  • 14/02/2015: Safe Sex, by Burg. A Valentine’s Day special by one of the Metrocop forums’ newest members, you’ll probably get a good laugh from this 6-panel funny comic.

This was pretty much “Beyond Borders Week” with a special, unexpected Valentine’s Day surprise added in. Really good stuff and, together with my own new comic, it makes 5 comic releases in four days, which is really good! Naturally we had the advantage of Jim_Riley releasing his laborious re-edit of classic comics in one go this week, but I really hope the community remains this excited and engaged with comics.

If you’d like to see your own comics featured on Metrocop, sign up for the Metrocop forums and post them in the Comics section!

Mythic Comics #1 is out!

Metrocop’s brand new series – and my first since The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage began in 2012 – is finally here! I’ve written about it at length before, so now I’ll just cut to the chase and let you get right to it. Enjoy!

Mythic Comics #1 Thumbnail

I’m still hoping to release the second issue next week, but I feel like I’ve fallen behind schedule already so I can’t make any promises; at worst, I figure I’ll stick to a biweekly schedule for this first story arc. Please have some patience and look forward to it if you enjoy the first issue. In the meantime, you can find some great comics on the forums!

Beyond Borders Re-released on the Forums!

No way I could wait until the next Comics Roundup to point this out: renowned old-school comic maker Jim_Riley is re-releasing his classic Half-Life 2 series Beyond Borders, exclusively (for now, anyway) on the Metrocop forums! This series is one of the all-time greats, and it’s even improved in a “Redux” version for modern times!

You can check the first episode by clicking on the image below. To keep up on this awesome series and more – or better yet, post one of your own for everyone’s enjoyment -, make sure to join the fun on the Metrocop forums!

Cover and details for Mythic Comics #1

Hi, guys! To tide you over until Friday’s release of Mythic Comics #1, here’s a first look at the comic’s cover:

Mythic Comics #1 Cover

Click for full resolution

Shamelessly shoving that awesomely low-resolution hand in the reader’s face! While I’m sure I’ll eventually update to a better model, I’m kind of fond of these 2004 Half-Life 2 models, flaws and all. Trust me, you won’t even notice the difference once you’re reading the comics!

You’ll notice that my character is holding a very odd phone of some sort. That’s a hi-tech transparent smartphone that will accompany him throughout his misadventures and has a multitude of useful apps to solve problems – or humorously help move the plot forward, deus ex machina style. The phone, which I won’t officially name yet (“Mythos’ Phone” will do for now), will be a character trademark or icon of sorts, and the handiest tool in my personal skin’s arsenal.
Oh, and if you’re wondering about its origin, it was actually FZE who modeled it at my request years ago – I think it dates back to 2011! It was meant for another comic but had the exact same role and purpose. Better showing up late than never at all!

As for further details on the series, Mythic Comics will have a slightly different format from The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage, with longer pages and editing differences in details such as speech font and speech bubble style. Also unlike TAoHC, each issue won’t be a set number of pages, meaning some issues may be longer or shorter, but more importantly, I can pace the comics a bit better.
Also, the first issue is written specifically so you don’t need to know any prior history, making this an accessible comic for new readers. That said, there are a couple of minor references to past events in the personal skin “continuity”, so if you really wanna be all caught up, I recommend re-reading the following comics, in order of importance:

Let me repeat, you don’t need to read all that to understand Mythic Comics. It just serves as backstory that might improve your enjoyment of the brand new series.

Mythos the character returns from hiatus this Friday with Mythic Comics #1 – don’t miss it! And stay tuned to the Metrocop forums for more goodness from our budding community!


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