Comics Roundup: 22/05/2015

Comics Roundup: 22/05/2015

Hi there! Another week, another Roundup, all thanks to the continued efforts of the Metrocop community! This past week, we got a repost of another installment from an old classic, as well as three brand-new comics to enjoy. Check them out:

  • 17/05/2015: Combine Exchange Program Episode 3: Impressions, by Mjolnir82991. The recently-returned classic creator continues to put everyone else to shame with his productivity of amazing new comics, continuing his new series with a showcase of how Civil Protection learn their lessons.
  • 17/05/2015: Infection: Chapter 5, by Pyren. CJR is once again kind enough to continue the re-release of Pyren’s classic series. Alex Jacobs and Isaac Renne stage their escape attempt from the Combine prison, but Jacobs’ infection manifests in unexpected ways.
  • 18/05/2015: Prisoner of War: Episode 1, by JoshRifles. JoshRifles makes his comics debut with an action-filled first installment. Lots of potential for the future and definitely worth checking out.
  • 18/05/2015: Waifu-B-Gone, by Fort. Inspired by our friends over on the Facepunch forums, Fort’s hilarious short comic demonstrates how to get rid properly of your waifu.

Pretty good output this week! Hopefully our fine friends will continue their good work. In the meantime, I’m doing some comics work of my own, so please look forward to that. Thanks for reading, and please consider joining the forums if you haven’t yet. I’ll see you guys next time!

Comics Roundup: 15/05/2015

Comics Roundup: 15/05/2015

Hello again! While the Widescreen Update may now be over, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more comics to read! In fact, while this was a slower week in terms of community-released comics, we were lucky enough to get not one, not two, but three brand new comics!

So, without further ado, here’s what’s new this week:

  • 10/05/2015: Soft Power: Issue 7, by PypeBomb. PypeBomb’s back with yet another new (and massive!) installment of his ongoing series. He also provided a behind-the-scenes look at the comic’s production, including deleted scenes.
  • 11/05/2015: Combine Exchange Program Episode 2: Rules, by Mjolnir82991. This classic author is back with yet another brand-new comic! This time, we look at how Civil Protection and Overwatch Soldiers both deal with violence in their jobs.
  • 13/05/2015: Beating Quotas, by ESToomere. Our resident Mod and mapper has finally dabbled into comic making for the first time in years, coming up with this short and sweet humorous comic looking into why Civil Protection is so fond of using their stunsticks.

Not too much in terms of new content, sure, but not only did you get over a hundred classic comics uploaded to Metrocop this week, the forums have also seen yet another comic maker return to the community, as Hazard-Life joined and revealed plans for a brand new series! Exciting times are ahead, so stay tuned for more awesomeness!

The Widescreen Update: Day 5

Widescreen Update

Hello! Here we are at last: the final day of the Widescreen Update! The week sure flew by, huh? I do hope you’ve been enjoying the Update so far; if you missed anything, just click here to see all the previous posts.

Yesterday, I re-released two series from Mike “Delirium” Dolor, my oldest friend in the Garry’s Mod community and a prolific creator from the days of our former group, Phenomena on Break. As promised, today I’m bringing you a bunch more from his old collection, for a grand total of 49 comics spread throughout 5 distinct series:

Fuel On Fire Banner Rosetta Fallen Banner
The Balloon Head Trilogy Banner Combine Commune Banner
Couch Banner

As usual, here’s a short description of each series for some context:
Fuel On
(subtitled “Daedal Wars” for some issues) is actually a reboot of some of Delirium’s first comics, a dark, twisted and often confusing story about a girl named Regina who harbors an unwanted ‘guest’ within her. Rosetta Fallen is the story of the last angel, fallen from the sky in mysterious circumstances and hunted in a world where time is frozen.
The Balloon Head Trilogy is a quirky and weird series about a ‘living corpse’ with a balloon for a head and his friend who speaks only in rhymes. Combine Commune is a comedy about a group of Combine misfits living together in an abandoned building. Finally, Couch is a silly, not safe for work series where Delirium created whatever was on his madcap, imaginative mind.

And with that, with 142 comics added to Metrocop, the Widescreen Update is officially concluded! By the end of today, all these series will be linked in the Comic Archive page alongside the existing ones. I’d like to thank everyone who was kind enough to provide their classic comics to add to the Archive – Waxx, Okimin, Lt_Commander, Hazard-Life and, implicitly, my old friend Delirium, whose presence in the GMod comics community is sorely missed. I’d also like to take the opportunity to once again welcome Jim_Riley to the Metrocop Team, the first addition of hopefully many to liven up the site and lead the charge in this comics Renaissance!

The fun at Metrocop isn’t over for today, though! In a while you’ll also get a Comics Roundup for this week, as the community has once again provided some more great comics, and if you’re a member, you are also invited to join us on a Synergy match later today, details for which you can find in the forums – but only if you’re a registered member, so, if you wanna play with us, join us for real!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the latest Update – which won’t be the last, as long as I still have upload space on the site! – and I’ll be back later. Have fun reading!

The Widescreen Update: Day 4

Widescreen Update

Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there. Welcome back to the Widescreen Update! If you’re just joining us, make sure to check out everything you’ve missed so far.

I’d like to start today with a short History lesson. Back in 2007, when I first joined the now-defunct PHWOnline site that used to be the hub for GMod comics, I found myself accidentally annoying an up-and-comer who didn’t take too kindly to constructive criticism from a then-unproven newbie. When I reached him privately to try and clarify things, we actually ended up getting along fairly well and soon started discussing comics together. We then decided to form our own comics group and used his existing blog as both a hub and the name of our team – Phenomena on Break.

The final two days of the Widescreen Update are gonna be all about that same guy. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the works of Mike Dolor, a.k.a. Delirium!

Delirium (also originally known as “GrowingDelirium”) was a very prolific comic maker in his time, being responsible for creating over a hundred comics. While he’s long moved on both from comics and from his online presence, I happened to still have access to nearly his entire catalog, so I’ve decided to bring them back online here on Metrocop. That said, that many comics in one day would be quite overwhelming, so I’ve split it up between today and tomorrow.

For today, I’m re-releasing only two of his series, but with a staggering 52 comics between them. These are two of his earliest works, the first being arguably his most popular series in all his three years of activity, and the second serving as the introduction to his perskin persona:

Half-Spartan Banner Robot Insurance Banner

Half-Spartan, as the name and banner probably imply, features the popular protagonist of the Halo series, Master Chief, finding himself transported to City 17 and the world of Half-Life. Robot Insurance was a series of comic strips featuring Delirium and the members of Phenomena on Break, myself included, in our misadventures and shenanigans.
Unfortunately, neither series is being re-released intact. Thanks to the whims of ImageShack, Half-Spartan #10 is missing quite a few parts and Robot Insurance #11 is completely absent. Still, everything else is there and ready to be enjoyed, so overall it’s still pretty good!

This is arguably the least “widescreen” day of the Widescreen Update per the definition given on the original announcement, but I think it’s a good primer before the other half of Delirium’s comics hit tomorrow, featuring everything from another comedy series to weird and twisted tales, and even a man with a balloon for a head. For now, enjoy these two series, and I expect you back here tomorrow for our final day of this Update!

The Widescreen Update: Day 3

Widescreen Update
Good morning! The Widescreen Update strikes back with day 3, the biggest one so far! Remember to check back on Day 1 and Day 2 if you missed anything!

For today, I’m proud to announce the re-release of comics from one of my all-time favorite GMod comics creators. Consider today… Hazard-Life Day!
Hazard-Life, a.k.a. Haz-Life, was known for his excellent writing and fascinating original stories, usually set in their own universes. While sadly not all of his old backlog is still intact, Hazard-Life was kind enough to provide four series that are:

Skyline Bandits Banner Where are the Murderers Banner
Brane Worlds Banner Hunger Banner

Skyline Bandits is a 2007 sci-fi Western, following the story of two men who find a relic from the past that will change their lives. Where are the Murderers is a 2008 series set in the Half-Life 2 universe, starring two of the most unlikely protagonists you can imagine in a violent personal tale. Both series are concluded epics that are a must-read for anyone who likes Garry’s Mod comics.
Most readers may be already familiar with BraneWorlds, as our community member Arctic Avenger has already re-released them on the forums before, but now they get a rightful place on the Comic Archive alongside other Hazard-Life works. Finally, Hunger is a short, two-part series that adapts a classic ’80s game as a dark and twisted horror story.

You’ve got a lot to enjoy today, so go ahead! Tomorrow brings back the works of another comic maker of the past, one who I had personal ties with for a long time. I hope you’ll look forward to that and stay tuned! Make sure to check the forums too for more good stuff!

The Widescreen Update: Day 2

Widescreen Update

Hello! We’re back with the Widescreen Update, after yesterday’s release of Beyond Borders and The Banner as well as the announcement of Jim_Riley as the first Team member.

Today, Metrocop brings you the collection of a well-known member of the Garry’s Mod community, someone who’s been around since the early days and, while better known for his texture work, is still an accomplished comic maker with an excellent collection: Lt_Commander!

Metrocop is proud to host 13 comics created by Lt_Commander:

Continent 4 Banner Lou Collins: Man of War Banner
The Other Side Banner Star Trek Intrepid Banner

Both Continent 4 and Lou Collins: Man of War are set in the same continuity, based on the Half-Life 2 universe, but each with their own original take. I was particularly impressed with how well plotted Continent 4 was, telling a story out of chronological order from both sides of the conflict. Lou Collins, on the other hand, is also a really great perspective on the early years of the Combine empire on Earth, built on a great premise and full of colorful characters. While neither was continued past its fourth issue, sadly, they’re still really enjoyable and completely worth a read.
Lt_Commander’s The Other Side is perhaps the least well-known series here, since, as far as I know, it saw a limited release only on a few, more private forums, so I’m happy that Metrocop brings it back for a wider audience. It’s a perskin series with an alternate reality twist, and while it, too, wasn’t continued past four parts, it’s a really cool read. As for Star Trek: Intrepid, it’s only a single issue and ordinarily I wouldn’t give a single comic its own section, but I had to spotlight this really smart take on the Star Trek universe mixed with some familiar elements from the Half-Life series.

That’s it for today’s update, but tomorrow brings another 21 comics from a creator I think most old-school members remember fondly. I envy the lucky people who will get to experience them for the first time tomorrow! Stay tuned, enjoy today’s additions to the Comics Archive and remember to visit the forums regularly for updates from the community!


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