Comic Archive

Metrocop is proud to host a variety of online comics created with Garry’s Mod, from as far back as 2005 to present day releases. In this archive you’ll find all the comics available on the website in one place, ranging from content created by the official Metrocop Team to classic comics that other authors have generously allowed us to archive for your viewing pleasure.

Click any of the banners to be redirected to their respective page, or click here for a random comic. Enjoy!

Metrocop Team Comics:

The Adventures of Hercule CubbageBeyond Borders Banner36 Bullets Redux BannerKenny the CopCombine Exchange ProgramMjolnir's ShortsMythic Comics

Classic Comics:

ApostasyJeff Banner
Secret Agent WhiskeyClover's Other ComicsMy Last Night in RavenholmGray SaintsWorse than LifeJustify the MeansAboutA Proper RoundThe Last WarTeam LifeComic DepartmentNear Elite's Single ComicsInfectionSubject 23Office LifePyren's Single ComicsSkyline Bandits BannerWhere are the Murderers BannerBrane Worlds BannerHunger BannerHalf-Spartan BannerCombine Commune BannerFuel On Fire BannerRosetta Fallen BannerThe Balloon Head Trilogy BannerRobot Insurance BannerCouch BannerThe PoB/CR-O WarMythos' Old Comics BannerFZE and Mythos' Badass Adventuresfa_bannerPokémon Burgundy VersionFZE's Single ComicsThe Banner BannerLiving in City 17 BannerStriker89's Other Comics BannerContinent 4 BannerLou Collins: Man of War BannerThe Other Side BannerStar Trek Intrepid Banner




  1. I feel nervous for asking this (as you would know) but here I go. Would you like any of the Catching the G-Man comics to put up in the archive? I managed to salvage some through the use of internet archive, but sadly not all of them. I don’t know how to ask the original creator Joe, but if you are interested I will attempt to send you some through an attachment or whatever you desire. If you are keen to speak to me again go right ahead, but if you don’t just ignore the email.

    • I don’t understand the nervousness, but sadly I have to decline because I’ll only upload comics with the permission of the respective authors. I do thank you for the offer and I might get back to you if I ever manage to reach Joe and he doesn’t have his comics available anymore.

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