Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders

Originally created in 2006, Jim_Riley’s Beyond Borders is set on an alternate Half-Life 2 universe where Dr. Gordon Freeman never returned and follows the story of Mark, a citizen of City Seventeen who decides to risk going beyond the city borders in order to find a better life.

In early 2015, Jim_Riley began to release re-edited versions of the original chapters, as well as new chapters with a brand new direction for the series. This iteration of Beyond Borders is currently composed of five episodes:

Episode IEpisode IIEpisode IIIEpisode IVEpisode V


    • Just wanted to say thank you, everyone, for enjoying the series thus far. I’ll have you know that the next episode is indeed in the works and things only get more exciting, more dramatic and definitely a lot more interesting!

      This next episode marks a big shift into what this series is all about so be prepared for some (hopefully) exciting reads ahead! I always love to hear feedback and knowing others are out there thoroughly enjoying the series only motivates me to keep going.

      So again, thank you!

      • YESSS!!! The fact that more issues are in the making makes me want to jump up and down! This series is by far my favourite Half Life comic series I’ve ever read and probably one of my favourite fan series ever created period. 🙂 I check to see if it’s updated pretty much every week.

        Once the next issue gets finished and posted, whenever that might be, I’d HIGHLY suggest posting it on the Half Life subreddit. That’s where I found Metrocop in the first place, and things such as the “Hercule Cubbage” series always gets very well recieved there. 🙂

  1. Hm, I never considered that. I think I’ll definitely look into that when I do release the next episode. I can’t give an ETA for that yet but stay patient and enjoy the constant flow of other comics in the mean time! I do wish I could update on a weekly basis but the amount of effort going into each episode takes a lot of time, you understand.

    Thank you for loving the series though!

  2. Only just got into this series, and holy cow was it excellent. You’ve inspired me Jim to pursue my own gmod comics again.

  3. Wow! I am ecstatic to know that I have inspired you to pursue GMOD comics again! I’ll have you know too that the series is far from dead and that the next issue is well underway and has been for a while. Thank you for enjoying this series so far, I can’t wait to release the next episode for everyone to enjoy!

  4. Oh my God this was a blast. I enjoyed every second of reading this series Can’t wait for the next episode!

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