Mythic Comics#2: Haunted, Part 2

Previously: according to his own words, the comic maker known as Mythos has spent the past five years living within his rundown apartment, never stepping outside. His isolation is broken, however, when strange, seemingly paranormal occurrences reveal that the place is being haunted by a ghost. Forced to deal with the situation, Mythos contacts his old acquaintance FZE, who has plenty of experience with the supernatural - and is, in fact, now undead. Even though he doesn't believe in the existence of ghosts, FZE agrees to assist, but his initial efforts prove less than helpful. While Mythos and FZE are trying to figure out how to get rid of the unwanted guest, the ghost possesses a television screen and drags the duo within, dumping them in front of a mysterious mansion.
As they stand in front of the haunted mansion, FZE asks if they are going in or what. Mythos looks behind them and sees a locked gate, to which he notes it doesn't look like they can get out that way. FZE smirks and asks where would be the fun in that, to which Mythos says touché. They head into the mansion.
Mythos and FZE stand in front of the mansion doors. FZE asks if they should knock, but suddenly the knobs turn by themselves and the doors open slowly, revealing the hall. Mythos notes that was kinda cool, FZE replies it was a bit cliché, which Mythos consents.
Mythos and FZE enter the foyer, after which the doors slam behind them. FZE points out that was rude, to which Mythos agrees, saying now they know ghosts have no manners. Mythos tells FZE to try the doors in front while he checks upstairs. FZE tries the doors in the first floor and states they are locked, then asks Mythos if he's having better luck on his end. Mythos replies that yeah, you might say so.
FZE peeks through the door Mythos has opened to find a large living room with a fireplace. Lighting flashes through the large windows of the room and thunder echoes within. Mythos checks his phone and notes he can't get a signal, declaring that whatever game this is, they don't seem to have much choice but to play along. Mythos tells FZE to keep going, but FZE, lying on the couch with his legs crossed, complains that he just sat down. Mythos retorts that he's dead and doesn't need to rest. FZE sighs and says fine, then follows Mythos out of the room, telling him he's a dick. Lighting illuminates the room once more, revealing a mysterious, horse-like shadow lurking behind the duo.
As FZE and Mythos enter a large corridor, FZE says he can't see shit and wishes they happened to have a flashlight. Mythos tells him he has an app for that. As Mythos illuminates the corridor ahead with his phone, he asks what are they waiting for. Mythos and FZE start crossing the corridor, walking past light coming from the windows, and FZE asks Mythos if he gets the feeling that they're being watched. Mythos retorts that it's a ghost house and of course he does. Behind them, a shadowy figure can be seen lurking.
FZE retorts no, more physical than that, like something alive is breathing down their necks. A strange figure with a horse's head approaches them from behind. As it gets closer, Mythos, oblivious, tells FZE they haven't even seen anything that moves there yet and that it's just FZE's imagination. Suddenly, the horse man gets between the two and creepily mumbles hello, friends, to their horror.
FZE immediately punches the horse-headed stalker in the face, dropping him to the floor. Mythos casually asks FZE if his first instinct was really to try and punch a phantom, to which FZE replies he thought they'd already established that he has violent tendencies, then notes under his breath that it worked. The two look down as Mythos replies that obviously that was no ghost, then recognizes the guy.
Mythos identifies the man on the ground as Erik, also known as ESToomere, and asks what he's doing there. Erik cheerfully greets him and tells him he has no idea, explaining that he was teleported there by some kinda hologram. He adds that, luckily, his horse head mask also came along. FZE asks Mythos who the bastard is and Mythos explains Erik was a former member of Phenomena On Break, the team he was in a few years ago. Erik suddenly appears between the two and confirms this, saying he and Mythos go way back. Mythos shouts at him to stop doing that.
Erik turns to FZE and congratulates him on his right cross, teasingly calling him Gene Simmons. FZE tells him if he doesn't step back right now, he'll throw in a second one absolutely free. Mythos asks them if they can bicker while they walk because he really wants to figure out how to get them all out of that mess. A few minutes later, the trio are walking as Erik and FZE debate whether it was a hologram or a ghost. Erik believes it was definitely a hologram because ghosts aren't real, to which FZE tells him yes, they are, and that he can tell, he has plenty of first-hand experience with the undead. Erik replies of course, FZE is the expert on imaginary things and laughs. Mythos sighs and tells them they've reached another room, then requests that they please shut up and focus.
Erik asks FZE if Mythos isn't kind of a dick, to which FZE squints at Mythos as he replies yes. They enter a well-lit library, Mythos quickly stating that he guesses they don't need a flashlight anymore. Mythos tells the group to split up and see what they can find about that hellhole.
FZE searches through some books and finds a tarot-esque card, the Hanged Man Arcada from the videogame Persona 4. As he stares at it, Mythos asks if anyone has found anything yet. FZE quickly throws the card away as he replies he's found nothing useful. Erik notices an armor set standing next to a door and praises the taste in decor, calling it very medieval.
Mythos tells Erik to stop playing with the armor and help out. Erik replies right, okay, then knocks on the armor as he jokingly says it's not like this guy is going anywhere, then asks isn't that right. Suddenly, the armor starts glowing with the same ghostly glow as before and replies no. Erik stares in shock at it, mumbling only bwuh.
As Mythos checks a bookcase, Erik suddenly flies across the room behind him, screaming, then crashes into the wall. Without looking, Mythos tells him if he's not going to help, at least be quiet. FZE then suddenly shouts what the shit and let go, then swears. Mythos tells him goddamnit, you too, then starts to run as he asks what FZE is shouting about.
Mythos finds himself face to face with the armor, which is holding FZE through his spear on the right arm whilst its left holds a sword. FZE mumbles that that is so degrading. The possessed armor whispers that they all die. End of issue 2.

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