The PoB/CR-O War

The PoB/CR-O War

The PoB/CR-O War, also referred to as “CR-O Vs PoB”, was a Garry’s Mod comics crossover event that occurred during March of 2008 in the now-defunct PHWOnline message boards. Sparked by community member Looshkin, the event consisted of a fictional conflict between his comics production group, Cheap Rip-Off (CR-O), and the group Phenomena on Break (PoB), led by Mike Dolor, a.k.a. GrowingDelirium or Delirium for short, and Mythos. Nearly all characters in the story were “perskins” (personal skins) of PHWOnline members at the time, with 13 different creators contributing to the story for a total of 40 released parts.

A nonlinear narrative plagued by continuity issues, convoluted plot twists and subplots not followed through, the event is nonetheless a memorable part of the late Golden Age of GMod comics and the last great crossover event of the sort. Unfortunately, the event was never concluded with only its final part, created by Looshkin, being left unreleased for good.


The PoB/CR-O War was instigated by Looshkin’s You Have Failed, Please Die comics starring his original creation Jim, whose personal attacks to Phenomena on Break member Nemi lead to an intervention by the team.

You Have Failed, Please Die #2You Have Failed, Please Die #3

The War

Bear in mind, the events in these comics are not always in chronological order. It will get confusing.

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PoB/CR-O War Part 1PoB/CR-O War Part 2PoB/CR-O War Part 3PoB/CR-O War Part 4PoB/CR-O War Part 5PoB/CR-O War Part 6PoB/CR-O War Part 7PoB/CR-O War Part 8PoB/CR-O War Part 9PoB/CR-O War Part 10PoB/CR-O War Part 11PoB/CR-O War Part 12PoB/CR-O War Part 13PoB/CR-O War Part 14PoB/CR-O War Part 15PoB/CR-O War Part 16PoB/CR-O War Part 17PoB/CR-O War Part 18PoB/CR-O War Part 19PoB/CR-O War Part 20PoB/CR-O War Part 21PoB/CR-O War Part 22PoB/CR-O War Part 23PoB/CR-O War Part 24PoB/CR-O War Part 25PoB/CR-O War Part 26PoB/CR-O War Part 27PoB/CR-O War Part 28PoB/CR-O War Part 29PoB/CR-O War Part 30PoB/CR-O War Part 31PoB/CR-O War Part 32PoB/CR-O War Part 33PoB/CR-O War Part 34PoB/CR-O War Part 35PoB/CR-O War Part 36PoB/CR-O War Part 37PoB/CR-O War Part 38PoB/CR-O War Part 39PoB/CR-O War Part 40


      • Yeah – that being about 33% of my entire comic-making output! 😉 Was a shame Loosh never made that closing chapter though…

        • Agreed, but what can ya do? That said, he did tell me bits about the finale and it wasn’t a massive twist or anything, just the expected big battle and a final (apparent) sacrifice by one of the major characters. I still won’t spoil who, though.

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