• No, this is a guy who goes by the online name of “AJ Rimmer” adapting events from his real life into comics. As far as I know, nothing to do with Red Dwarf.

      • AJ Rimmer is the same name as the red dwarf one, his first name is the same also, the character is a sad pathetic man, who cant even speak to women properly and can never sustain a relationship, i was only asking this because the guy who made this must of just used his name to hide his real one, Lol it would help if he mentioned that. Plus the comic name is the opposite of a red dwarf episode called “better than life”, the episode is about a videogame the red dwarf crew plays but, rimmer fucks it up. :/ Im sure the character and the comic name was supposed to reference him :/

          • I did some research of my own :p, I saw in the valve forums that he mentioned, when somebody asks him about the red dwarf character and the comic name, he said it was a coincidence, I like the comics they are good but, the main character in this comic has the same personality as Rimmer. I think its pretty awesome that he caught his personality quite well though. It just confused me a bit with the “is this the red dwarf rimmer?” saying that to myself. For people who watch red dwarf it can confuse them as i did :P, also the characters personality like i mentioned before, Is really similar to the red dwarf one.

            • The Red Dwarf character thinks he’s worth something though. There’s the difference. And here’s the thing, I used (yes, it’s me, Rimmer) AJ Rimmer as an online handle waaay before I started WTL, and someone actually had to point out to me that the comic title was an inversion of Better Than Life. I know that sounds bizarre, because obviously I chose that nickname because I’m an enormous fan of Red Dwarf, but I really adopted the title WTL as an attempt to mimic Life in Hell, Matt Groening’s comic from before he did the Simpsons (that comic being the main inspiration to the early proto-WTL episodes, and the reason the comic uses for its title font “Akbar”, a font based on Matt Groening’s hand writing). I sometimes wish I’d used a different name for the main character cause I understand it is confusing, but the point of no return for that passed a long time ago and now I can’t imagine calling my alter ego anything other than Rimmer.

              /Pontus (AJ Rimmer)

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