It’s been over a year since the last installment of Mjolnir’s excellent Combine Exchange Program, but if there was ever a comic worth waiting over a year for… trust me, it’s this one.

Episode 11 sees our two protagonists, the newly-named Danny and JTO2309, join forces with the Nova Prospekt prison guards to fight off an incoming horde of antlions. It’s an all-out battle for survival and, for my money, it’s the best damn Half-Life 2 comic you’ve ever read in your life.

There are really no words that can do it justice, so just go ahead and read the brand new frontrunner for next year’s Metrocop Awards:

Speaking of the Metrocop Awards, those aren’t forgotten! Tomorrow we’ll announce the host and date for the live gala, so stay tuned for that update. It’s a really good time for Source engine comics right now!