Today we’ve got something special for you: two more series of comics created with the Source engine are added to Metrocop’s already massive catalogue of comics! Older members of the community may recognize these, as they were already posted in the old Metrocop forums back in 2015 and 2018, but if you’re new around here, you’re in for a treat.

The first new series is Elite & Pwnag3, by Karl “Near Elite” Gustafsson and Paul “T3h Pwnag3” Pera. Near Elite is already a recurring presence in our archive with series such as Team Life, About and A Proper Round, but T3h Pwnag3 is a welcome new addition, another super-popular old Garry’s Mod comic creator from 2006. Elite & Pwnag3 was their big partnership, a comedy series about their personal skins, i.e. their in-game avatars, getting into trouble, and a classic very much worth a read.

The second is a relatively more recent one, The Quest! by Gogi, first released in 2014. Gogi is a legend in the Garry’s Mod comics community, one of the forefathers of a particular style of comics commonly called “random comics”, where humor is derived from crazy, nonsensical things happening to the characters. The Quest! is a prime example of that and one of Gogi’s later masterpieces. (Also, FYI, Gogi is very much still active in the community and even has a hilarious podcast with another old-schooler, Marco a.k.a. Divided!)

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and read our latest series!

That’s also 29 more comics added to Metrocop’s archive, which, if you’re keeping count, officially places us past the 700 comics milestone! Now, I know quantity isn’t everything, but it’s still pretty amazing to reach this ridiculous number of comics, many of them salvaged from obscurity, link rot and dead hard drives.

And if that isn’t enough, next week we add another comic to the list: a brand new episode of Mjolnir82991’s hit series Combine Exchange Program! Make sure you visit Metrocop regularly for all-new articles and even more comics. See you soon!