Hi there! Hope your Halloween was fun and spoOoOoky. If your stomach still hurts after Monday night, then good news, we’ve got you some reading material to digest alongside all that candy.

Last month, we released the first part of Era’s comics collection, featuring three classic series by one of the most prolific and memorable Garry’s Mod comic maker of the golden age of 2005-2006. Today, we’re continuing that re-release with three more series:

  • After Death is a 2005 Half-Life 2 comic series following Dave Lawrence and Julie Perez, two friends still mourning the loss of their close friend Joseph when a stranger, Badvorado, approaches them in the city. As things rapidly escalate with the Combine, Dave and Badvorado escape but Julie is captured. Unwilling to lose another friend, Dave makes a plan to rescue her, but not everything is as it seems with his unsettling new companion;
  • Unity is a sequel to both After Death and Tomorrow’s Shine, a series starring Julie that is unfortunately long lost. Many years after the events of the previous series, the last rebel in City 17, Don, escapes persecution and meets a strangely familiar face as he chases after answers about his family’s past;
  • One World is a sci-fi comic with two versions, one released in 2005 and another in 2006. Captain Michael and his crew are transporting Sean, a dangerous prisoner, when the latter escapes and forces their ship to crash-land on a nearby planet. There is sadly one missing episode in this one, but it’s still easy to follow.

We’re not yet done with Era’s sprawling collection, as there are at least two more series and a load of single comics to share, so stay tuned to Metrocop for more Garry’s Mod comics!