It’s finally time! We have the nominees and the results are in, now all that’s left is to reveal the winners of the very first Metrocop Awards.

We can’t just post them here, oh no. We have to pull out all the stops—this is, after all, a groundbreaking event in the history of a hobby that spans nearly twenty years—and, as such, we’ll be hosting a special ceremony event live on Metrocop’s dedicated Garry’s Mod server.

It’s my pleasure to announce the host and date of the first Metrocop Awards gala. Drumroll, please…

The First Metrocop Awards, hosted by Chris Hall. February 17, 5PM GMT, GMod server.

Chris Hall, also know as Chrisordie, a longtime member of the Garry’s Mod comics community, will present the Metrocop Awards gala where we’ll announce the historic winners on February 17 starting at 5PM GMT. As mentioned, the gala will happen on the Metrocop Garry’s Mod server—instructions on how to join can be found on the forums and Discord server.

Naturally, all nominees are expected to attend and have a speech prepared for if they win. Anyone else who might want to join and watch, seats are limited, so make sure to jump in early! We opted not to livestream it since it’s the very first, but we might record and edit it for a video to be posted later.

See you then and may the best comics win!