Have you ever asked yourself “boy, I sure love this Metrocop website, I wish there was some way to support it monetarily”? Well, if you did, you’re in luck: Metrocop has just launched a Patreon page so you can help keep the website running!

Metrocop was never a project made for profit, but it still incurs monthly and yearly costs, particularly from the server and CDN that ensure it stays lighting-fast for your enjoyment. Seeing as there is no advertising or any source of income attached, I’ve been paying those off my own pocket, but if you’d like to help out, even if with just $1 a month, it certainly would ease the burden on my wallet and I would genuinely deeply appreciate it.

At the same time, if by some miracle the Patreon funds manage to surpass the costs of running the website as it currently stands, we might have some extra change left over to make some more cool stuff—there is no shortage of possibilites or ideas, but they’d only be doable with your support.

It should be noted that Metrocop’s main content will not be gatekept by the Patreon page, so the articles and the comics will always remain publicly available on the main Metrocop.net website. However, I also want to offer something special to anyone who might want to make a bigger commitment to funding Metrocop, so there will be certain behind-the-scenes content, such as previews, making-ofs and more personal anecdotes, and other perks available exclusively on Patreon.

On that note, we’re splitting membership into three distinct tiers:

  • Collaborator ($1/month) is a tier for those who just want to help Metrocop survive and, while it doesn’t come with any exclusive content, it does include my heartfelt thanks for believing in the project and helping to sustain it;
  • CP ($5/month) comes with exclusive behind-the-scenes content like more personal articles, work-in-progress stuff and updates on the development of the site and new articles/comics;
  • Elite ($10/month) comes with everything that the CP tier includes plus some extra exclusive content, namely, early release of new articles, high-quality, printable PDFs of certain comics (to be added in the future), an exclusive site skin (see below) and a special title on our Discord server.
Metrocop's home page with the Elite skin, dark version.
Metrocop’s new “Elite” skin (dark mode version), available exclusively to Elite tier patrons.

Whether you just want to help us keep the lights on with an extra buck every month or want to splurge for exclusive perks, please consider pledging to our Patreon! This is a deeply personal project for me and I want to keep it running and maybe even grow further, so you’ll have my gratitude however much you can contribute. And even if you can’t help us monetarily, you can still help out by visiting the site, reading our content and helping spread the word!