Mythos here! Yes, I’m afraid it is.

If you’re even a semi-regular visitor, I’m sure you’ve noticed Metrocop doesn’t get that many updates, and certainly not as many as I initially promised. Unfortunately, life and its responsibilities haven’t left me with much time to dedicate to the site, to the detriment of the vibrant and very much alive community you can find in the forums or Discord.

In its nearly twelve full years of existence so far, Metrocop has never been so active, so full of new comics and enthusiasm, and with so much new blood to boot! It’s gotten to a point where we can see three or more comics released in a single day, or sometimes have a conversation in Discord and suddenly someone drops a brand new comic midway. The last time I saw something like that was back in 2010, so that should help you understand what a renaissance we’re living through.

With personal circumstances getting even more complicated in the near future, I thought it was time for a change, for the sake of Metrocop as well as my own. As such, I’m taking a step back from running Metrocop for the foreseeable future (perhaps permanently).

However, unlike last time, when the site was simply abandoned and the forums closed, I have no intention to cripple this growing community in its prime.

Instead, for the first time in the history of Metrocop, the Metrocop team will take up the responsibility of maintaining the website. This means that Jeff Eastman, Mjolnir and Chris, three of the most prolific figures in the Garry’s Mod comics community and staples from the golden age of PHWOnline, are now in charge of the website and the community, and I am confident that, in their hands, this can be the start of a brand new era for Metrocop.

In the process, Metrocop is also refocusing solely on Source engine comics. I have some ideas on doing a separate Half-Life-related website in the future as sort of a personal blog, which, if I ever get to, I’ll share here in due time.

It’s worth noting as well that, while I’m handing off the responsibilities, I’m not leaving the community permanently—after a short transitional period, I’m taking a break and giving the team some freedom to shape Metrocop as they see fit, but I have more ideas for comics than I had in a long time and, with time, who knows? Maybe I’ll finally be a comic maker again rather than the Administrator. (Luckily, I have an in on getting my comics in Metrocop!)

Thank you all for supporting Metrocop and for helping it become this amazing community, I’m confident the best is yet to come. I will see you up ahead!