ComaEpisode Ten

Enford wakes up in a concrete basement and asks where the hell he is. He sees what looks like a charred corpse next to some crates. As he explores and finds an old sewer, a voice tells him you know, a few days ago a wise old man said this, the red lands are the most dangerous place in a coma, well, you’re about to realize how wrong he was. The voice tells Enford to please accept their challenge as he walks into a brightly lit room with brick walls.
The farthest brick wall suddenly vanishes, creating an opening to an autumnal forest, as the voices tell Enford to accept and come to a place of eternity, a place of mysticism and wonder, a place of captivation, a place that is not survivable. Enford explores the forest, then sits on a rock and says he doesn’t have time for cute stories, then asks what their challenge is. The voices reply this hell, then tell him there is an item he seeks in this forest, he must trek out and find this lone item, be it great or minute, veiled or clear, he will only know when seen. It says there is help for him scattered across this forest but there is also hell waiting at every turn.
The voices tell Enford good luck and he asks what happens when he finds this item. Nobody replies, so he figures he better get started. He then spots Bryan standing on a river close by. Enford approaches Bryan with a smile and asks him if he got teleported there too, then whether he knows what this place is and if he has seen Irish. Bryan stares at him with no reply. Enford calls out his name, then they stare at each other for a moment. Suddenly, Bryan explodes, tossing Enford into the air.
Enford is thrown into a rock and a crack is heard. He falls into the river and floats away, unconscious, before ending on a riverbed.
A woman spots Enford unconscious on the riverbed and approaches him, asking if he’s okay. She insists if he can hear him, then he regains consciousness. She tells him hello, but Enford shouts oh, God, then falls back into the water and tells her to get away from him. She says no, no, it’s okay, I’m not trouble and Enford finds himself somehow believing her.
The woman smiles and tells him she’s glad, then invites him to follow her to a safer area so they can talk. As they walk, she asks for his name. After Enford replies, she introduces herself as Kiara, then asks how long has he been there. He tells her twenty minutes sounds about right, he doesn’t know how long he was out. As they cross a beautiful part of the forest at dusk, he notes the place is huge and she tells him they’re almost there.
Enford and Kiara reach a camp with some tents and she tells him there they are, then to sit down and they’ll talk. As Enford sits, he asks what the place is and how did he get there. Kiara tells him this is a coma and there’s no need for reason, but nonetheless, this place is the forbidden trials sector of a coma. She explains it’s just another trick up the big guy’s sleeve to keep people from getting out, he throws you down there to be kept busy from escaping for a while, you have to find a certain item, then you can leave, and then he torments you more or you die trying to find the item. Enford asks if this is in a coma, then how come you can die. Kiara tells him it’s the position of this place, and she guesses he can do whatever the hell he wants to do. Enford then asks who she is and what is her purpose there. Kiara tells him she doesn’t know and guesses it’s to help him, as she just got popped there a week ago, no memory of a childhood, nothing, it’s like she was just built at this age and stuck there for some weird reason all of a sudden.
Enford asks Kiara if she knows what he’s looking for or where to find it and she tells him no, but she knows he’ll get clues along the way. He wonders if there is anything else she can tell him right now and she says nothing at this moment, but if something comes up, she guesses she’s there to help. Enford notes he’s stuck and doesn’t know where to start. Suddenly, Bryan appears crawling on the ground and asks Enford for help, saying Irish, explosion, help. Enford asks if that is really him. Kiara calls out Enford’s name as Bryan repeats it, then stares up at Enford and tells him he’s got heart, kid, then seemingly dies. Enford calls out to Bryan in a panic.
Kiara tells Enford to not be too sure. He guesses she’s right and she tells him there, see, look, just a trick. As Enford watches, Bryan’s body vanishes magically. He sits down and asks oh, God, what next. Everything glows around him and then turns blank.
In a white void, two voices argue to pull the plug. A doctor’s voice says he’s been dead there for two months and it’s time to let him go, the coma has taken him. Another voice, a nurse, replies okay. Enford sees his own body lying on the ground and asks if they want to kill him. A nurse appears and approaches his body as a voice says they’ll pull it, doctor. Enford approaches the nurse and states he guesses so. The nurse then turns into the boss and stares at him, saying yes, Enford, they’re going to kill you soon. The boss aims a gun at the body double on the ground, says kill and shoots it multiple times.
Enford’s body on the ground bleeds from the gunshot wounds as Enford realizes he’s started to bleed as well and falls over his duplicate. Kiara then appears and asks for someone to help him. She grabs Enford’s body and says she’ll save him, then suddenly raises her hand and throws it straight into Enford’s body. She rips out his heart and calls out his name.
As Kiara calls out his name, Enford gasps and wakes up. He looks up to find Kiara holding his own heart. She tells him he must return the favor. Everything blurs into white nothingness as Enford wakes up again in the forest, staring up and bleeding from his mouth.
Enford tells himself he had to ask. He wonders where Kiara went, then gets up and says he better go find her and finish this. Kiara explores the place with a smile, calling it beautiful, then sits on the ground with a smile. As she stares at her surroundings, a gun appears next to her head. She asks if that is Enford, then looks to the side and asks if he picked up anything new. A gunshot rings out.
The gunshot echoes through the forest. With an exit wound on her forehead, Kiara laughs and repeats Enford’s name, then dies. Enford says sorry, kid, but this is a coma, then bends down and starts cutting her up as he says God, disgusting.
Enford gets up with Kiara’s heart on his hand and asks if this is the item they seek. The voices reply no. Enford looks up in shock and shouts what. The voices laugh and say just kidding, then tell him they will not grant him safe passage out of the coma trials and back to misery. As everything grows blurry and Enford starts to vanish, he says sweet, then calls the voice a sick bastard. End of episode ten.

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