Combine Exchange ProgramEpisode 8: Nova Prospekt

A Combine razor train makes its way through the coast bridge. Inside it, the Civil Protection officer notes the train is a smoother ride than he was expecting. His Overwatch soldier partner asks if that means he hasn't been on a train before. The officer corrects him that he's been on trains, just not ones made by the Combine. The soldier comments he likes those ones, super speedy, which means they'll drop that nutjob off and be back in no time. As he talks, he points to a Combine prisoner pod nearby.
The officer notes that the soldier really doesn't like Nova Prospekt, but the soldier tells him he's never been, actually, but he met a guard once and that was enough. The cop retorts he's sure he's exaggerating and it can't be that bad. Soon after, the train stops at the Nova Prospekt depot and the two leave the train car.
As they stand at the Nova Prospekt depot, the officer rubs his neck and asks if someone shouldn't be there to meet them. The soldier casually strolls away saying oh well, let's leave the pod here and skedaddle. The cop grabs him by the neck guard and tells him hold it, trooper, they need to do a proper hand-off, it's procedure. The soldier groans that the last time he followed procedure he took a shovel to the head. The cop replies that's all the more reason they need to make sure pigeon lord there doesn't escape again.
The metro cop notes that it's odd that nobody is there yet and maybe he should go look for someone. The soldier tells him he doesn't know if that's a good idea, but the cop heads out, telling him to stay with the prisoner as he goes check out the area. The metro cop makes his way through the eerily empty prison corridors of Nova Prospekt.
As the cop explores Nova Prospekt's man-made prison, he spots a Nova Prospekt shotgun guard up ahead staring at him. The cop waves at him and says hey there, I've been looking for someone to help us. However, the Nova Prospekt guard simply walks away. The cop chases after him, shouting at him to wait.
The cop crosses the doorframe after the soldier but finds no one. He then peeks from a corner and finds a doorframe. He walks over to it and catches a glimpse of a leg walking away.
As the metro cop chases the soldier, he finds himself in an empty old laundry room with no one in sight.
The cop looks around rubbing his neck through the old shower room and comes to a barricade. He says aloud a dead end then stops to think, only to hear a crash nearby.
The cop rushes away saying a-ha, he's over there. He runs past a corridor, then stops in his tracks at the end muttering oh, no. He finds himself in a room surrounded by headcrab zombies.
Meanwhile, back at the Nova Prospekt depot, the Overwatch soldier taps his foot impatiently and wonders aloud what's taking him so long. He notes that surely he'd have found someone by now, unaware that twelve identical Nova Prospekt guards are lurking above, staring straight at him. To be continued. Next episode: the warden.

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