A slender woman introduces herself to the camera as Lina and says she lost over 200 pounds using the SocketDiet. Next to her is an image of her previous self in underwear, looking obese. She says all you have to do is exactly what your doctor told you to do, fucktard. She says in just forty days she shed the weight and so can you, just listen to these great testimonials. A costumed man says his name's Chuck and he lost two pounds in one year, it really works. Below him is a message saying unpaid actor. The next image is of a rotting corpse before and a skeleton after, with someone narrating that Rita went on the plan and lost all of her body weight, wow. Sitting on the couch, Delirium reveals he ate at McDonald's and gained 191 pounds, then exclaims it really works. Lina then shows up and screams look out, it's the Monster Fat, as she points upward. A large one-eyed creature with one arm roars at them. Delirium declares never fear, for he has come, king of the couch and time and space. He promises to stop at nothing to make sure the fat never returns to this planet. Lina kneels next to him and calls him her hero, saying when he gets back she wishes to give birth to your fourth child. Delirium stands on his couch and asks to excuse him while he slips into space to fight the fat. The couch flies through a rainbow and then out of a black hole towards the Monster Fat. Then, Delirium fires a rainbow ray from his left hand which hits the Monster Fat, causing an explosion. Delirium then magically grows to the size of the monster and grabs its arm, telling it it shall not hurt his fellow people and that it has taken them once before but not again. The Monster Fat recognizes him as the one Delirium and says he is nothing without his couch and he cannot have his couch without succumbing to the fat. Delirium asks but what if the fat is dead. The Monster Fat asks what, then is struck from behind by the couch in a sneak attack. It growls that Delirium has defeated it this time. Lina smiles and declares the Monster Fat has been defeated once again, then asks how Delirium got so big. Normal sized again, Delirium tells her the same way his couch got so small. Lina's confused. We then see the couch shrunk down to a tiny size between Lina's legs, with a camera on it pointing upwards. Delirium then says now, about that fourth kid. The end.

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