Delirium’s Other ComicsI Have A Headache

A young woman holds a crowbar with a strained, angry expression on her face as she narrates that it turns out he was just like the rest of the world. What was once a shining beacon, nothing more than a rusted and wasted disaster. He could have thought first, could have tried his best to remember what he once was, but that destiny was not his to travel. Just as mother had fallen to matricide, he would fall at my hand. The second act of the Tompkins family tragedy long in the making. I’m sick, he would choke out. We then see the woman has stabbed her father with the crowbar against a wall in a forest, as she tells him: things have changed so much, dad. I’m not here to show you sympathy or tell you I forgive you. You did something that so many have tried before, and they have fallen for it. You just happen to be the first by my own hand. She whispers I hope it was worth it, uncertain and indifferent to if he’s even there anymore, because, really, he’s not. He hasn’t been for the past seven years and when he finally comes back into her life, he’s just another worthless pile of shit. She tells him she hopes he enjoyed hurting the people she loves, enjoyed hurting him. She tells her father’s dead body she’s forgotten the past and he’s just another loose tie. She looks around at a man sitting nearby, watching. She notes he’s always killed for her, back when he was Civil Protection and she was just so damn weak and scared and confused. The look in his eye tells her he didn’t think she’d be able to do it. She didn’t think she could ever do something like this and wishes he could met him on better terms. She wishes he could have met them all on better terms. She tilts her head and closes her eyes as she thinks of that place as a blank piece of paper and her dead came along and tried to spill coffee all over it. She thought he was dead and that he had died a respectable man. She then notes she has a headache. The end.

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