In the Beginning#1: I Don’t Even Think I’m Holding It Right

The Civil Protection officer is watching a screen when he says oh, no. The soldier asks what is it. The cop says they've got a black guy heading right for them on a boat. The soldier replies oh. The cop adds that the guy has got a lazy eye. The soldier sas oh my God, a minority and a deformity. The officer tells him to go get Milly, but he replies how about not, noting that last time he did she almost took his arm off. Suddenly, Milly rushes past them asking if someone said minority and deformity and tells them she's gotta see them handle this one and she'll meet them out there. The soldier sighs and says he'll go get the officer's gun. Later, outside, the cop asks if they're serious. The soldier notes he's just sitting there. The cop tells the man down there to halt, but the man ignores him with a smile. The cop mumbles that he's ignoring him and repeats his command. The man simply looks up at him. The cop turns to the soldier and asks what do they do now. They look over at Milly, who's sitting down next to them, but she tells them this one's all theirs. The citizen then says take your time, adding that he's not going anywhere fast. The soldier shouts that if he doesn't stop or, in this case, move his boat elsewhere, CP-15-01 will open fire. The citizen interrupts to say he bets the cop doesn't even know how to shoot. The soldier says he's seen him shoot plenty of civilians before and is a crackshot, he'll shoot that goofy lazy eye right off the citizen's face in a blink of his normal eye. The cop says that first of all, that's mean, and second, he's right, he doesn't even think he's holding the gun right. A splash is then heard. The two look to the side to find Milly gone. The citizen smiles and thinks to himself that his resistance is working and they have failed to stop him, this is only the beginning and soon they will rise up. Suddenly, Milly jumps up from the water behind him holding a knife. The soldier watches as the man shouts for help and Milly stabs him, then screams that the blood is beautiful. The Civil Protection officer asks the soldier between the sound of stabbing if he ever wonders if it was a bad idea to turn her into a super soldier, adding that she's making them look really, really bad. The soldier looks up and replies not really, he just wonders how he ever killed people without her. After one last gruesome stabbing sound, the cop says he's definitely dead now and the soldier notes that, for just being converted, she sure does get a lot of joy out of killing her own people. The end.
Bonus: how'd he get there then. We see the canal near the Combine's outpost. The man slowly walks over to the middle of it in knee-deep water, holding the boat above his head. He throws the boat to the water, then gets on top of it. End.

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