Mjolnir’s Short ComicsVortigaunt Nipples

Two male rebels stand guard at White Forest. A Vortigaunt walks past them. One of the rebels stares at the vortigaunt's chest, then says he doesn't get it and asks the other why do vortigaunts have nipples. The other rebel replies he doesn't know. The first rebel asks if they're mammals. The second repeats he doesn't know.
A moment of silence passes as the first rebel thinks. He then smiles and says he hopes the vortigaunts' milk tastes just like headcrab milk. The second rebels starts to say he doesn't know, then stops and stares in disgust at the first. The end.

3 thoughts on “Vortigaunt Nipples

  1. Headcrab milk! That stuff puts a smile on my face just like the last panel. An instant classic, Mjol

  2. Mjolnir, top notch humour as always, plus the hilarious face posing! For making several series with masked characters, it’s great to see you flex your skills on faces.

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