Striker89’s Other ComicsIl damsel in pericolo!

Alraekinn, in a top hat and moustache, laughs maniacally. Sitting on a chair, Turtlehead cries out oh, woe is me, then raises her hands to the skies and says she’s bound to the chair with no means of escape, while Jolly B. Jones plays a nearby piano. Alraekinn approaches her and tells her that’s right, dearie, you will never escape, then approaches her breasts with his hands and declares he shall feel her boobies all day. Turtlehead shrieks and asks won’t somebody do something. Striker then appears and declares unhand her, you knave, as a pig poses next to him. Alraekinn and Turtlehead both exclaim his name. Striker punches Alraekinn’s top hat and moustache off, then poses as Turtlehead hugs him and calls him her hero. They exchange a look, then start making out. In a bar, Turtlehead tells Striker that’s a pretty messed-up dream, then both stare into each other’s eyes and start making out as Alraekinn watches. The end.

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