The Quest!The Quest! logo.#10

As the Mario head floater hovers behind him, Divided laughs evilly, declaring he finally has them, the comics of old, so much power, and soon the world shall be his. Nearby, Nexus Elite complains that this is all Taggart’s fault, first Madman escaped, then Gogi escaped too. Taggart says at least they’re safe now and, as far as he remembers, Nexus wanted him to drug them. Nexus says yeah, safe by being locked in with a crazy man and it was actually Madman’s idea to drug Gogi, but he wasn’t supposed to give him all the drugs. Taggart sighs and asks if he even knows how much it takes just to drug Gogi, then notes it doesn’t matter right now and he doesn’t suppose Nexus would like to discuss how to get out of there. Nexus crosses his arms and says no, he’s done talking to Taggart. Meanwhile, close by, Gogi has fallen asleep on the waters near base island on top of a floating barrel. As he sleeps, he accidentally slurps, then wakes up disgusted, asking why he did that. After landing, Gogi states he’s finally back there again, let’s hope there won’t be any muffin incidents this time. Gogi sees something in the distance and asks what it is. As he focuses his gaze, he realizes it’s a Mario floater, which spots him. Seconds later, Gogi flees screaming from a large number of Mario heads. He manages to hide behind a rock and the Mario heads fly past him. Gogi phews and notes it would seem he got away, then approaches the door to the base and wonders how to get inside without his powers. Meanwhile, inside, Taggart and Nexus are still arguing, Taggart defending himself that he didn’t break them out and asking Nexus what is it with him and paranoia today. Nexus says he doesn’t care, he knows Taggart is in league with Gogi and Madman and he hates being stuck there, plus he too desires the power of the comics. Divided tells his honored guests to stop worrying as they are safely locked in and he is the only one who can break the code, noting Gogi is right outside. He points out they seem very agitated and suggests they fight for the comics to the death. Taggart retorts fight for his entertainment, never, to which Nexus agrees, stating he’d abandon the comics before he’d even consider that. Taggart tells Divided to let them out of there and nobody needs to resort to violence. Divided then hears a noise and asks what the hell it is.
Divided spots a blue and grey shape falling down the volcano shaft and says no, it cannot be. The shape falls to the ground head-first, then gets up, revealing it is the real Madmanmad, who exclaims it is him, the Madman, and his landings are bad. Divided shouts what, declaring he thought that he built a robot out of him and then killed him. Taggart likewise shouts what, noting he thought that they had captured him and then he escaped. Nexus tells Taggart this is obviously some sort of trick and they will have to strike while he explains this twisted plot. Madman states yes, he was known by the name of Madman but now he is Madman the White, here to finish the quest. Nexus shouts screw your obscure Lord of the Rings references, it is time to strike, then says press A to strike. He and Taggart rush at Madman, the latter shouting he will be known as Madman the Dead after this. Madman twists his legs in the air asking if they do not know that their earthly measures are useless against him. Meanwhile, Divided says screw this, he will escape with the comics and grabs them. Divided goes to the door and opens it, then asks himself why did he just open the door. Taggart says oh man, he just opened the doors, Nexus says finally they can escape and Madman blesses the Gods. Gogi stands at the entrance and says they can’t have an epic fight without him. Divided screams he’s going to destroy him and attacks. Gogi asks why the hostility, he just wants the comics. They fight with a variety of PlayStation button commands appearing on screen, then a message of perfect combo as Madman, Nexus and Taggart also fight to Xbox button presses. Divided screams damn you, Xbox nerds and releases the drones. Nexus says screw the comics and tells Taggart let’s escape the waterway, those drones aren’t to play with. Taggart concurs and rushes out with him. Madman crosses his legs in the air and laughs, stating another victory, but they still need to complete the quest. He asks what can a couple drones do against him. Divided shoves Gogi away and says screw you and your comics. As he runs away, he tells them have fun with the drones, suckers, the self-destruct sequence has been set. Gogi gets back up and tells Madman to get away from that floor. Madman asks why, then tells Gogi to complete his quest, the comics are on the floor beside him. Suddenly, the floor beneath Madman opens, releasing a multitude of Mario head drones and opening the hole of the volcano. Madman says oh crap, this is what Gogi meant. Raising a magic staff, Madman tells Gogi run, you fool as Mario heads surround him.
Gogi dramatically shouts Madmanmad’s name and screams no. Madman leaps towards the lava of the volcano as the Mario heads follow after him. Gogi shrugs and says wow, that’s great, how is he supposed to escape with the comics. Gogi remembers there was a waterway somewhere around there and also didn’t Divided mention something about a self-destruction sequence. He spots a screen saying self-destruction with a countdown and notes yeah, that. The countdown reaches zero and says bye, then the volcano erupts. A bit away from there, not that far though if you turn right, Divided flies away sighing and noting he’s so tired of this fighting, too bad he couldn’t’ get the comics. He spots a place that looks good to land and drops down to the ground. He sees a quaint little building on a small island and notes it’s not much of a base right now, but with time, everything can thrive. He then hears screaming and says no fucking way. Gogi falls towards him shouting oh my God Divided you dumb bitch why. Divided plainly states he gives up. Gogi falls on Divided, knocking him down, then gets up and asks why do this. Divided groans and says the quote-unquote spirit is evil and behind him. Gogi asks if he really thinks he’s that stupid, unaware that the spirit of future passed is right behind him. The spirit tells Gogi he is and Gogi says huh. Gogi is then turned into a cabbage. The spirit notes Gogi didn’t have the comics and asks Divided where they are. Divided retorts probably back in the smoldering crater that used to be his base, then tells the spirit to do his worst, he’s not scared of him. The spirit says all right, he shall become something worse, then turns Divided into a cake. The Gogi cabbage says wow, a cake and a cabbage, talk about being ironic. The cake replies I know, right. The spirit says damn it, he still needs to find those comics, but on the other hand, he really does wonder where they could be. He notes maybe it’s just a mystery for the ages, unaware that one of the comics is half-buried in the sand behind him. The end.

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