Un-Rest ZUn-Rest Z logo.Episode Four: Finale

A voice tells Darren to wake up, but he doesn’t budge. He is lying in front of a pool inside a building with a mountainous view outside. The government man stands on the water, telling Darren if he doesn’t wake up, he doesn’t question how he got there. The G-Man then states there is no need to talk to Darren, turns his face and tells someone else to go ahead and do what they please.
A masked figure in a long dark coat tells the G-Man it’s his pleasure, then walks over to Darren as the G-Man vanishes. He picks up Darren’s body, then drags it to the edge of the pool and tosses him in the air. Darren flies towards and then through one of the windows.

An unconscious Darren falls on the ground outside, near some flowers and trees. The masked man approaches him, then lifts his body again and tosses it away through a portal on a wall.
The portal closes. Darren comes to in a blank room with no walls. He says his head hurts, then asks where the hell he is. He then notices a black hole in a wall and asks what the hell is that. He stares at it and it turns into a portal, showing Darren’s back. The G-Man’s voice states nothing but questions. Darren looks behind him but finds nothing on the other side of the room.
Darren stares at the portal for a moment, then walks towards it. A zap is heard, then he stands in front of the portal saying now that was fucked up. He stares again at the portal, but then it vanishes. He notes that didn’t help him at all.
Suddenly, another black hole appears on the ground. Darren says oh, shit as he trips towards it. He falls through and it vanishes. Darren finds himself at the edge of an island of a floating archipelago in the air, far above a city. A voice calls out to Darren.
Darren turns to find the G-Man standing there. The G-Man smiles and welcomes Darren to destiny, his fate, his final stride. The G-Man tells him here his exit lies below him and he shall fight for it. The G-Man asks Darren if he accepts his challenge, adding that, shall he say nay, he’ll be thrown down upon his world for ages to come, never to escape, and shall constantly be tormented by his minions. Darren smiles and dryly replies then why wouldn’t he accept. The G-Man tells him he will regret that decision either way.
The G-Man vanishes. Darren says holy. A large werewolf-like creature towers above him. The creature roars at Darren. A scythe then falls from the sky and lands in front of Darren.
Darren grabs the scythe and tosses it at the werewolf creature, which simply smacks it away. Darren stares at the scythe as it flies to the side.
Darren runs away and grabs another weapon nearby. As he turns, he finds there is nothing there and asks where did it go. The wolf creature suddenly lands behind Darren, then smacks him onto the ground.
The werewolf creature picks Darren up, then tosses him away. A cracking sound is heard as Darren lands on the ground. He then spots a big spiky mace on the ground next to him. Darren says yes and gets up holding the mace, stating he knows what to do as the werewolf leaps toward him.
As the werewolf falls towards Darren, Darren lifts the mace up. He smacks the werewolf in its head with the mace. It falls down on the ground, seemingly dead. Darren stares at it and says what, that can’t be it, that was too easy. A voice repeats too easy as the bleeding werewolf lifts its head, then strikes at Darren.
Darren falls back and over the edge, falling down onto the city below. As he falls, he thinks to himself finally, a graceful fall. Darren comes to in his apartment, lying on his couch. As he sits up, he thinks home, I was home. He is living in a derelict, almost empty apartment, with just a television broadcasting Doctor Wallace Breen’s speech.
Out of Darren’s apartment we can see the streets of City 17. Darren thinks to himself that he was grateful. The end.

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