The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage

The Adventures of Hercule CubbageCreated by Mythos exclusively for Metrocop, The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage is a Half-Life 2 comic following the titular character, the son of the fan-favorite minor character “Colonel” Odessa Cubbage.

After hearing news of the “One Free Man” striking back against the Combine, Hercule Cubbage comes out of his self-imposed exile to help his father. Accompanied by a refugee named Lucy, Hercule’s journey will take him from City Seventeen to the dangers beyond the city limits and teach him what it truly means to be a hero.

Currently, six chapters out of nine have been released:


Chapter 1: The Prodigal SonChapter 2: Railway JunctionChapter 3: Paternal BondsChapter 4: Memory LaneChapter 5: No Place Like HomeChapter 6: It's Safer Here.Chapter 7: Combined ArmsChapter 8: Shell Shock Chapter 9: Opener of the Way


    • Glad you like it! Yeah, I try to be inventive with the layouts. I’m particularly fond of a couple of pages in chapter 2.

  1. Congrats on the new series. I’ve done my share of Gmod comics in the past and know how exciting it can be to release a new chapter/series. Keep it up Mythos!

    • Actually, it’s only now getting some public opinion, but the first chapter was released last September, so it’s only sort of new. Still, thank you for the support! I’m also interested to learn you’ve done GMod comics, anything I might’ve seen?

      • I did a small series called “Stealth” and “Stealth2” on PHW back in the day. Nothing to what you’ve accomplished, but it was still a ton of fun to create.

        • Actually, PHW is where I started, five and a half years ago. And I don’t think I’ve accomplished much, truth be told – I got my fifteen minutes of fame today, but that’s all. I appreciate the sentiment, though, and feel free to subscribe to the blog or Twitter for further updates down the road.

  2. Hi there,

    Really great to see some more quality Gmod comics still going online. Its been a while since ive read any, the last I remember reading was Life with Lamarr but sadly their sites gone under now.

    I also enjoyed the concept sort of following after Freemans footsteps but on a humours sort of level. The quality of the content and editing is also really great. Hope this goes far!

    Also would be nice to feature this on LambdaGeneration, ill get in contact with you too 🙂

    • Hello! First of all, thank you so much for checking it out and for the tweets, I really appreciate it.

      It’s interesting how everyone has called the series funny, some even comparing it to Concerned. While I agree the character of Hercule Cubbage is comedic, the series doesn’t really play it too much for hilarity. It’s more of an action-adventure; like Half-Life 2 itself, I try to infuse it with humor (and it’s hard not to fall on the temptation to do gags with Hercule), but it’s really more action-focused than a comedy series. Plus, I do intend to go a little further than most GMod comics and actually explore characters a bit, particularly Hercule’s relationship with his dad – after all, Odessa’s nowhere near the hero his son thinks he is, so it’s safe to say that, at some point, that’ll come to light. I’m looking forward to exploring it.

      I would be very interested in a LambdaGeneration feature. I’m trying to get some exposure to the comic, seeing as there are no GMod comics communities anymore and, therefore, no real readership to speak of. Feel free to contact me here in the comments, on the e-mail AT gmail DOT com, or even by Steam. I’m very much looking forward to it!

  3. Always love getting some new content from you, it’s always worth the wait and watching that progress percentage climb. Keep it up man! Epic comic is epic

  4. With the first two Chapters, sometimes it was little difficult to keep track of what was going on during the chases sometimes, but that got much better in #3 and 4. I must say, I love this series, and I can’t wait for the fifth Chapter!

    (I’m the first commenter since May 27th 2014… Sad.)

    • Thanks, man! I’m happy you like it so much! Feel free to follow the blog so you can get further updates in the future – I plan to release Chapter 5 around the end of August anyhow, so you can come back around then to check out what happens to Hercule!

      And yes, I do get few comments most of the time, but I don’t mind since they’re usually like yours – thoughtful, friendly and well-written! I’d say it’s worse that there hasn’t been a new chapter for longer, haha!

  5. On another note, this reminds me a bit of Concerned, but with a little twist. Instead of Hercule indirectly influencing the Path of The Freeman long before Gordon ever ventures there, this series instead focuses on the AFTERMATH of The Freeman’s journeys. Plus, Hercule is certainly not as idiotic as Gordon Frohman!

    • Heh, you’re not the first one to point out the similarities – in fact, I even got some criticism for the first chapter being too similar. My own fault for not doing a proper “pilot” chapter introducing the overarching story.

      Concerned was a humour webcomic strip – the best of its kind in terms of GMod, I’d say, although the soon-to-be-reuploaded Jeff would be a close second -, whereas this is more of a comic book mini-series. Admittedly the first chapter meant to be evoke some of that old-school charm, but the intention was always to develop the character from sort of a silly, larger-than-life figure into more of a realistic human being, with beliefs, flaws and mistakes.

      If you think of it as similar to Concerned, which, while not my intention, I still take as a compliment, then I’d say Hercule is what Frohman would be in a more sober HL2 tone and with character development. It’s why Chapter 5 is not only interesting but also daunting to me, because it’s the point where Hercule’s reality comes crashing down for good. Nothing will ever be the same.

      Assuming, of course, it’s not the end of his journey. Which it might be… wink, wink.

  6. Aww, too bad. 😦 Any particular reason?

    Well, you certainly succeed in that respect. I love Mr. Hercule!

    I never thought about that with Hercule and Frohman until now… And you know what? You’re spot-on. He’s still just funny enough to resemble Frohman while maintaining a proper HL2 additude and has some nice character developement.
    And speaking of Concerned, I actually enjoyed the unofficial sequel by Norman Black… But he sadly seems to have pulled an Episode 3. 😦

    You know what I think? This should become a mod! 😀

    And please don’t let it be the end….. I’ve become as attached to Hercule as I did to Frohman! lol

    On a couple of side notes, I’m surprised you didn’t do a reoccurring joke where people keep hearing Oddessa/Hercule CABBAGE instead of Cubbage…. xD
    And, I have my own Half-Life characters… I’d be happy to spill the beans on them if you wish for whatever reason. (That was random, I know.)

    • Reason for not sharing? Well, I just want to keep Hercule self-contained to his own story. While I’d never be as arrogant as to say people would use him, I still like to keep some semblance of control over the character, which could be lost if anyone got their hands on him. And I apologize, but if I made one exception, I’d have to make it for everyone! I hope you can understand.

      As for turning it into a mod, I’d love that, and even have a huge variety of ideas both doable and ambitious, but unfortunately I don’t have any game-making skills. I’m still trying to persuade Mr. Marc Laidlaw to have Hercule in HL3 though! 😛

      As for whether it’s the end, well, I’ll keep from spoiling it and just say ‘wait and see’. That said, the one good thing about The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage is that it was always meant to be finite, meaning that I’ve always had an end in sight. I’m afraid that, even if it didn’t finish in Chapter 5, it wouldn’t last 30 chapters or anything remotely close!

      As for the jole idea, I like it but it’s pretty much “Frohman”/”Freeman” with a vegetable! 😀
      As for your characters, I’d be happy to read about them. Unfortunately at this point Metrocop doesn’t have tutorials (yet), but I insist you create a comic about them with GMod! Share it on Facepunch, I’ll be there to read it!

      • Ah, I see. Perhaps whenever the series comes to an end, you could make his model available? I understand if not. 🙂

        That’d be awesome.

        Maybe the ending could be “open-ended” enough to where there COULD be more if you felt like it?

        “Colonel Oddessa Cubbage at your service.”
        “… Cabbage?”
        “*Facepalm* It’s ‘Cubbage’.”

        Well, then I’ll give you a brief summery soon! 😀
        Oh! And that reminds me, what program(s) are you using to make your comics? I’ve always wanted to do one, but I have no idea if this Photoshop, something else, or more then one. Garry’s Mod is involved, obviously. 😛

        • I will definitely consider your request!

          “Maybe the ending could be “open-ended” enough to where there COULD be more if you felt like it?”

          No comment. 😉

          I use Photoshop, yeah – version CS2, the only reasonably modern one I own, although I still have a copy of 4.0 stashed somewhere. Any decent editing software works, though – GIMP, for instance. Source Filmmaker can also substitute GMod.

          • Yayy.

            Heheh. Alrighty then, I’ll just wait. I got good at that thanks to Episode/Half-Life 3.

            Hmm… I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0. And I’ve JUST begun to learn how to use it, so making comics and stuff with it is pretty far off at the moment. I have no idea how I would get the panels or the fancy comic-booky text or even speech bubbles.

            So far the most I’ve done is stylize a Civil Protection guy and change eye colors.

            And y;know what? I’m gunna start my summery on my OC’s* right now!

            *Short for Original Character

  7. Sounds like a colourful and crazy bunch! I find the Male_09 with heterochromia, Reggie, amusingly similar to a character that I will be introducing in the future. Not in terms of character, more in regards to how he looks – so please don’t take it as a ripoff when you see him one day, as I’ve actually already hexxed his skin!

    I’d suggest you look on sites such as Facepunch for tutorials on how to stage screenshots and so on. I would recommend taking screenshots afar from characters, otherwise you get a noticeable fisheye lens effect – use the zoom feature! “Modelling” a character yourself as a playermodel is also a bit of a no-no.

    • Heheh, cool!

      Coincidently, the Male_09 model is used for the man in the Consoling Couple in HL2 and its episodes. I actually considered making it so REGGIE is the guy there, maybe having a divorced wife or past girlfriend or something, but I just couldn’t figure out a way to make it really work with him. I’m considering using it for Ronnie Dexture, but I’m still not sure.

      And speaking of models, one of the things I have in mind to make fun of is how every 1 in 10 guys in the game looks exactly the same, since there’s only ten models to go around. Reggie would attempt to infultrate Nova Prospekt with his squad, disguised as regular citizens, but his plan gets messed up by him being put on a train with 20 other Male_09’s. And…
      CP: Breen sir, we’re trying to locate Reggie right now but his face is so generic it keeps matching 1 out of every 10 people in out database!

      Hmm… Very helpful to know. Just one question, can you give me an example of a “fisheye lens” effect? I have no idea what that is.

      And why would it be wrong to have a player model? I mean obviously it wouldn’t look right for most things, but I think with stuff liek trying to put Reggie in an Airboat I would NEED to use a playermodel because my Physics Gun would always grab the Airboat.

      Plus, a Reggie Player model with the two different eyes and a blue beanie would be awesome to play as for me….

      What tools do you also use for modeling/hexxing/whatever for custom models? I would imagine for Reggie all that would be needed is a new texture set for his eyes and beanie.

      • Haha, this is turning into quite a conversation — and going a bit off-topic, too! So let me just see if I can help you out to wrap this up.

        First, a fisheye lens effect is when things that are close to the screen look distorted. It’s due to the fact that the in-game camera, unless zoomed in, simulates a human field of vision, so stuff in the periphery looks somewhat “rounded”. You can see this in your own screenshot with your own Combine soldier and female CP, where the soldier looks “stretched” to the right. Google the term so you can have a better idea of what I mean.

        Regarding playermodels, they’re seen as a bit amateurish when used as characters. Someone with experience CAN pose a model alongside an Airboat; I realize I don’t really have evidence of my own to support that, except stuff I do with Hercule’s poses with the crossbow, but it’s true. Using a playermodel stands out like a sore thumb and will be heavily criticized as lack of effort.

        As for hexxing and reskinning, it’s not as simple as you assume. You’ll need image editing software (and practice with it) and software called “XVI32” and “VTFEdit”. I can’t quite explain the process of hexxing — meaning turning a Male_09 into his own unique model — in brevity even though I’ve done it thousands of times, I’m afraid. But you may still be able to find tutorials online in other sites. One day might even have one!

        Try asking in the Facepunch screenshot section and ask – they’re not always nice, but I’m sure a few people will help out a newcomer! For what it’s worth, I wish you the best of luck and recommend two things:
        1) Before you start making anything, practice your skills. That means both posing and GMod stuff as well as learning how to make a comic on Photoshop.
        2) Don’t start with a series. Make simple comics that stand by themselves without need for sequels or extra episodes. It will be good practice!

  8. No kidding… Kinda my bad. 😛

    I googled it, and I see exactly what you mean now too with the Pink and Nova picture. Only problem is that the Suit Zoom isn’t usable with teh Gmod camera…

    Hmm… Good to know, thank you!

    Yikes. Well, good to know!

    I’ll have to ask my dad about making an account there, but that is definitely good advice! As for posing, I find that I’m decent at it and just only really have trouble when first getting them into position, after that it’s not much a of a sweat. As the Photoshop… I’m just starting to learn the program, so it’ll prolly be a bit before I make any comics. 😛 But thank for the advice and the best of luck!

    And sorry for dragging this out, I’m just kinda talkative and I really enjoy having concersations with likeminded people who know as much or a lot more about the same things… Lol. I’m typing too much here, aren’t I? xD

    And I like smilies, too…. Huh

    • Oh, and Facepunch can be a little too rude, so maybe it’s better not to register just yet. Keep practicing though! 🙂

      • Sheesh, I forgot completely about this conversation. xD

        Well since then though I have used the Camera’s Zoom feature and my pictures look a LOT better now! Thanks for the tip!

        And I did my own AI Arena like thingy, too… You’re right, a lotta work for a little post, but definitely worth it to me!

  9. I love your comics! Great storytelling and fits well with the entire storyline of half life! Just one question though, will gordan freeman meet hercule cubbage, or are there paths cursed to never intertwind?

    • Use the mouse to move the sliders in order to move the fingers.

      Also, this isn’t the right place to communicate about this. I’m currently working on a place for discussion, but in the meantime, could you please use the contact form so I can help you better? Thanks!

  10. I love your web comics, you inspired me to do my own web comics (in the distant future).

    Keep up the good work!
    I’m now waiting for the next chapters! 🙂

  11. Just thinking aloud as a fan boy fantasy of the comic: Cubbage and Freeman fight a strider, with Cubbade using Freeman’s crowbar to make the brain exposed whilst Freeman uses the GG to throw a toilet at it.

    • See, it’s stuff like this that makes creating the comic worthwhile. Thank you for appreciating the comic and imagining your own stories!

  12. You said you were posting the next chapter in less than a week on Reddito. I hope you stay true to that because I actually genuinely like this comic.

    • “less than a week”

      Lol. It’s October now and it snowed for the first time today. We’ll never get another issue of this comic again.

      • I appreciate your pessimism, Vithral, but I currently have 11 pages done out of 20. Last Wednesday I finished doing the scenes for another page. I have a full-time job and other commitments that, unfortunately, leave me little time for the comic, but I assure you, it is coming.

        In any case, thank you for caring enough to coming to check every so often! I promise it’s coming, and if you want I can personally let you know when it’s out. You have my word.

        Also, I don’t recall ever declaring that it was coming less than a week after the Reddit post. I said I was aiming to release it by then, but I know better than to make promises now.

    • Thank you for writing, Concerned. Of course your question touches on one of the basic release expectations, with all its associated hopes and fears for the future of the series.

      No, but seriously now, working as fast as I can to get it out. About 70% done, 30% to go. I just need some free time to finish posing and we’re good to go!

  13. Hello, Mr. Mythos ( I presume you are a man.). I am a self-proclaimed veteran of Half-Life and I really enjoy your comic. I write to comment on your intriguing series you have started and cannot wait to finish it. Keep up the good work.


    A Concerned Citizen.

    • Thank you for writing, Concerned. Please, call me Mythos; “Mr. Mythos” is my father.

      Comments like yours are what pushes me to move forward with the series, it’s always great seeing a fellow Half-Life fan enjoy it! Please consider subscribing to the site if you want to stay up-to-date and maybe check out some of the other Half-Life comics we have.


  14. Dear Mythos,

    It is to my concern that we haven’t gotten any news about the next episode. Would you please give us any preview about it?

    A Concerned Citizen

    • Hey Pivotman,

      Why are you complaining to me?… oh, right, I’m the author, oops.

      You’re right, my bad. I won’t give excuses, just an update: Chapter 6 is about 70% done but production has slowed nearly to a halt, I’m afraid. I’m trying to get back in the game, hopefully release it sometime in August or September at the latest. I’ll let you know how it goes!

      And thank you for asking. And for caring. It’s stuff like this, knowing that people do care, that pushes me to move forward.

      • Dear Mythos,

        I thank you for your response. It is nice to hear that Chapter 6 is still in production.
        Hopefully, I wish you the best of luck completing it, my good sir.

        A Concerned Citizen

  15. Hi Mythos! Hope you’ve been keeping well this year. I understand you may have moved on to different projects and priorities, but do you think you’ll ever revisit and possibly conclude the adventures of Hercule Cubbage? Not asking for an ETA, just want to know your plans!

    • Hello! I might. Right now my focus is actually on building a brand new version of Metrocop; whether I’ll follow that up by bringing the Hercule Cubbage series back, I genuinely don’t know.

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