1. AMAZING although i think herc looks the smallest bit derpy in that rebel outfit keep em coming theses are great also when will clovers archives be posted on and please make it easy to navigate MYTHOS YOU ARE AMAZING

    • Hey! Thanks for the kind words, though I’m not at all awesome, hah. The archive is coming just as soon as I have a bit of time to finish it, and it’ll be a bit easier to navigate. As for Hercule’s getup, I have a picture to post where he looks better in rebel gear!

  2. Mythos love the comic but how do you get to reading the Banner it just redirects me to a sponsor page.

    • The Banner was hosted on another site, Mine-Dog, which was taken down by its owner, so I’m afraid it’s currently unavailable. All I can (and should) do is remove links to it from Metrocop, but I was holding out hope that it’d come back.

      Also, asking about someone else’s comic on one of mine? Hurt my feelings, will ya? Haha

  3. That was a good ending to this chapter. This deserves more views. I like this series better than the Concerned HL2 comic.

    • I hate to disappoint but I’m afraid not really. I’ve been neglecting Hercule a bit lately. I’ll eventually get back to him and conclude the saga but so far progress has been slow.

  4. I was updating a short article I wrote about Concerned for my blog – http://triangleintosquare.blogspot.pt/2015/10/concerned-by-christopher-c-livingston.html – and found your comic by chance, just a couple of hours ago. I’ve just finished reading it. As far as posing and choosing camera angles, it’s amazing! Visually it’s one of the best works I’ve seen in GMod ever, and I’ve been in Facepunch since 2006. Please keep going! I’ll add your link to my article, you have a new fan in Portugal.

    • That’s awesome, thank you so much! You’re in luck, Hercule Cubbage is returning this year, so please stay tuned for more! Also, thanks for linking your blog, I’m gonna go ahead and read it!

  5. Damn, I hope this isn’t another HL3 deal. Maybe it’ll be like Freeman’s Mind and start up again when no one expected it to after a big hiatus. I’d absolutely love to see where you plan to take the story. Everything about this comic is gorgeous.

    • Thank you so much, Jack! As you can see, this isn’t a case where the author vanished. It’s been nearly three whole years but I have recently picked it up again as I have more free time now. Check back in a week or two, hopefully you’ll find a brand new chapter. It’s comments like yours that keep me going, so thank you again!

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