Combine Exchange Program, the seminal Half-Life 2 humor comic that first debuted on Metrocop in 2015, is back!

Created by the fan-favorite author Mjolnir82991, also known for his classic 2005 comic series Kenny the Cop, Combine Exchange Program covers the exploits of Combine soldiers and Civil Protection officers trading places and learning how the other side operates, with a particular emphasis on the unlikely duo of an Overwatch soldier on exchange and the Civil Protection officer assigned to train him.

Episode 6 is the first new episode since 2017 and follows the aforementioned Overwatch soldier being sent on a mission to the sewers while his metro cop counterpart is stuck doing paperwork. It’s excellent as usual, no surprise coming from one of the best and most experienced in the field.

Better yet, from now on, Combine Exchange Program will be a monthly series! Mjolnir is hard at work creating new episodes, to be released on the third Wednesday of every month right here on Metrocop. Expect new characters, new storylines and the same great old humor in the future.

Go on and enjoy the latest episode of Combine Exchange Program: