Bet you didn’t expect a new comic so soon after last week’s new Combine Exchange Program! I’ll be honest, I didn’t either, but Jeff “Clover” Eastman came through and gave us one additional Christmas gift and (presumably) the final new Garry’s Mod comic on Metrocop of 2022.

In the latest installment of Jeff (still weird to type those words as we near 2023), our old newspaper-reading protagonist is feeling a bit under the weather, so Jerry comes to the rescue. I dare not spoil what happens next, so just go ahead and read the new episode yourself:

  1. NEW!

    Episode #116

That’s it for today and probably this year, but if you haven’t been on our Discord server, a lot has been happening behind the scenes—in particular, we now have not one but two permanent dedicated servers for both Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and Synergy exclusive to Metrocop Discord members. If that sounds like your kind of thing, join us!

This should be the last news post of the year, so I hope you have a happy New Year and keep checking out our little slice of Internet heaven next year. Trust me, we’re just getting started!