4 thoughts on “Episode #116: Change of Perspective

  1. hahaha, i love the transition away,
    the comment about the existential crisis meds was perfect lol

  2. Episode 115 fun facts!
    1) I’ve been using a template I made so many years ago, when 1024×768 resolution was common (dark times, those were). This comic motivated me to expand to a massive 1024px wide (instead of 780 or so) to match up with Mjolnir’s/CEP’s format.
    2) I ended up recreating the scene of the Metrocop and Overwatch standing in that spot from CEP, and tried to line up the camera shots to make Jeff and Jerry in the background seem more natural, instead of pasted in.
    3) Minusanimus is an absolutely butchered translation of latin for “character” (animus) and “lesser” (minus), so it’s very roughly “Lesser Character.”

  3. That transition blew my mind. Brilliant. Jerry’s face looks so worried too, he’s genuinely concerned for Jeff. And he held his glasses too!

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