3 thoughts on “Episode #117: “Artificial Effort”

  1. Episode 117 fun facts!
    1) I messed around with Dall-E, Nightcafe, and Dream AI generators/websites to create these artistic abominations
    2) Jeff and Jerry’s anniversary is somewhere around February 1st, according to Jerry’s first appearance in episode 7
    3) The full song and dance that was cut off would’ve been over 14 minutes long, so it’s for the best that we didn’t suffer through that

  2. Loved that the tophat got TUNK’d into the wall, lol
    Very fun and lighthearted, Congrats on the long life and prosperity of the series,
    here’s to 18 mor- oh right 😛

  3. That frame of Anime Jerry and Monsterized Jeff… ah bless ye heart Clover. I’ll buy yer comic a beer next time I see it (on the condition that local laws permit intake of alcohol at the age of 18)

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