JeffEpisode #118: “Jerry Reverie”

On a cleaned-up version of the City 17 train station plaza from Half-Life 2, a suited Jeff and Jerry are talking while sitting on the steps. Jerry delivers the punchline that when they asked may we, he simply responded mais oui. Both he and Jeff laugh snobbily, then Jeff tells Jerry he wasn't aware he had become such the Parisian. Jerry calls him a dullard and reminds him of the two sabbaticals he spent in France, then teases him that perhaps some sudoku in all his periodicals there would help sharpen his mind a bit. Jeff retorts to be cautious with such specific japery, as he recalls Jerry once thinking dullard was the composer of Madrigal Book. They crack in laughter again. Jerry then hears a faint voice calling out his name and asks hmm. Jeff replies hmm what. Jerry asks if he did not just say his name, to which Jeff says he avoids it where he can, lest he wear it out. Jerry once again hears his name and calls it peculiar, then asks Jeff if he is truly not hearing that. Jeff says he's only hearing their echoes in this delightfully unoccupied plaza. We then see that the City 17 plaza has beautiful large trees where Combine equipment would usually be seen. Jeff suggests he should lend Jerry the sudoku page to keep his mind as sharp as his wit. Jerry frowns as the voice continues to call out to him, as Jeff puts his hand on his arm and asks if he is alright. Suddenly, the normal Jeff screams in Jerry's ear. Jerry, wearing his usual rebel outfit, screams in terror.
Jeff asks Jerry if he's okay, he was staring at nothing and drooling a bit. Jerry, with a book in his lap, mumbles and apologizes, saying he guesses he was just lost in thought there. Jerry sighs and goes back to his book. Jeff then tells him his book is upside down and calls him a dullard. The end.

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  1. Episode 118 fun facts!
    1) I Googled “sophisticated jokes” for ideas of what to use, and every article I found was full of the dumbest stuff imaginable. Therefore, I ripped off the “may we/mais oui” joke from Frasier, the most sophisticated source of humour I know, and made up the rest from there.
    2) I wasted a lot of time trying to find some sort of smart tie-in that sounds like an insult, and the best I got was Alan Bullard (instead of Dullard), a British composer.
    3) It was an older idea of mine to have Jerry try to “take over” the comic, but I found the gm_overwatch_v1 map in the meantime and thought it made for a good alternate reality setup. It’s a cool map, it meshes together most of the first 3 levels or so of HL2.

    Bonus fact!
    4) Jerry is male_06, and the rebel version looks a lot different than the citizen version. We’ll chalk the difference up to Jerry imagining himself as a more matured/handsome version of himself.

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