2 thoughts on “Episode #118: “Jerry Reverie”

  1. Episode 118 fun facts!
    1) I Googled “sophisticated jokes” for ideas of what to use, and every article I found was full of the dumbest stuff imaginable. Therefore, I ripped off the “may we/mais oui” joke from Frasier, the most sophisticated source of humour I know, and made up the rest from there.
    2) I wasted a lot of time trying to find some sort of smart tie-in that sounds like an insult, and the best I got was Alan Bullard (instead of Dullard), a British composer.
    3) It was an older idea of mine to have Jerry try to “take over” the comic, but I found the gm_overwatch_v1 map in the meantime and thought it made for a good alternate reality setup. It’s a cool map, it meshes together most of the first 3 levels or so of HL2.

    Bonus fact!
    4) Jerry is male_06, and the rebel version looks a lot different than the citizen version. We’ll chalk the difference up to Jerry imagining himself as a more matured/handsome version of himself.

  2. Poor Jerry! He just wanted to have smart banter.

    The citizen version of male_06 is the most disturbing out of all the models. That last image of sophistacted Jerry haunts me. Hopefully that won’t be a problem in the future…

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