3 thoughts on “Episode #119: “Treasure Displeasure”

  1. Episode 119 fun facts!

    1) I took over the cave that the All-Knowing Vortigaunt (a.k.a. coughing vortigaunt) resides in near the end of d1_canals_13. Where is he? Uh, he’s fine. Yes, he’s just gone out to the corner store for cigarettes. Yep.
    2) Treasure of PHEIFRINDS? The wise old SID PHERNIF? F R I E N D S H I P ! I’m so clever.
    3) This is the first time I’ve used lamps to light up a scene in any proper capacity. Gmod has some… interesting shadow rendering.

    Thanks to: Ад$$кiй for gm_skyrim_tavern, gonets for Gold Demon Chest, NotTheDragonborn for Dragonborn’s Sword Props, DarkMario & ArcticSnowPup for Skyrim Clutter Props, Booger_Doodles for Medieval Props, Nahka & Rastifan for Medieval Weapons Pack, and aE.KoZ for Medieval RP Content,

  2. Darnit, should’ve realized they were anagrams! Tried reading them backwards to no avail, and concluded that you came up with the most bizarre names possible. The lighting worked out real well, especially the third panel. The framing and the lighting really give it a nice depth.

  3. Jeff with a fantasy setting?
    Give me more, I say!

    Also Clover finally getting into using lamps:
    Yes… ha ha ha… Yes!
    Now double the amount! Then triple!

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