5 thoughts on “Episode #120: “Spell Spec”

  1. This is what happens when I try to play DnD,
    i min-max into the wrong thing and then die lol

  2. Episode 12- fun facts!

    1) More anagrams! COUBAH-DEG is DOUCHEBAG, I’ll let you see if you can work out the complicated VIZIER WALD for yourself.
    2) All of Vizier’s magic effects are in-game, which saves me a lot of Photoshop time.
    3) It’s annoying to pose helmets on these fellas.

    Thanks to: Cathode Ray Kobold for Halloween Crypt map, madneo for Placeable Particle Effects, DarkMario for Skyrim Weapon Pack, Alex for TF2 Enhanced Cannon, flarespire for Dissidia FF Weapons Pack, Booger_Doodles for Medieval Props, Nahka & Rastifan for Medieval Weapons Pack, and aE.KoZ for Medieval RP Content.

  3. Guess the power of metagaming doesn’t matter if focused on the wrong skills.
    The mechanics of RPGs’ are unforgiving, indeed.

    Nice usage of the placeable particle effects!

  4. Is this a comic? I’m pretty sure they’re just actual composite screenshots from every rpg I’ve ever played. And no way those effects are in-game! They look fantastic.

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