JeffEpisode #121: “Inclined to Grind”

Jeff and Jerry are wandering through a medieval town. Jeff notes the store should be around there somewhere, suggesting they get some magic scrolls to make use of all that mana Jerry leveled up. Jerry shrugs and angrily replies he's sorry, but calling it energy is poor design. Jeff replies he knows and that the entire premise is flimsy and he'll be happy when it's finally over. They arrive at a store and Jeff says he thinks this is the place, but suddenly, a woman shoves a broom into Jeff's face, shouting beware, beware the man with a tunic of flame, the words "man with a tunic of flame" in red text on the speech balloon. The woman screams that jeff sits on a throne of despair and reads from ancient scrolls of lies and deceit, with some words highlighted in red. As Jeff pushes the broom away, she claims he travels with a fool, a vessel of misfortune, a harbinger of calamity. Jeff and Jerry stare at each other, then Jeff walks past her and states they sound like real dickheads and they'll keep an eye out for them, thanks. The woman jumps onto her broom as Jerry grabs Jeff's arm and asks that her text was highlighted red, is that not important.
The woman trying to fly off in her broom falls flat on her face as Jeff sneers that if what she said was important, they would've received a quest marker for it and he didn't get one. He rhetorically asks if Jerry got one and we see Jerry's point of view, with a message on screen saying his objective is to kill Jeff and with a skull and crossbones marker over Jeff's head. Jerry retorts no, of course not, while a thief loots the woman's unconscious body behind him. Inside the store, Jeff tells Jerry to grab whatever scrolls he can find, then realizes the shop is a near copy of the last one they were in. He notes that the shopkeep is the exact same guy but with a hat on, as the shopkeep non-playable-character says finest wares in town, let me know if you see anything you like. Jeff bets the shopkeeper's name is an anagram of shopkeeper too, noting the last guy was called Eke Porshep and demands his name. The shopkeeper calls that a strange name and tells him no, he's Pepe Kosher. Jeff states that's even worse as Jerry appears with the scrolls and Jeff asks how much he wants for them. The shopkeeper cheerfully tells them they're a hot deal for 2183 gold altogether. Jeff says yikes and asks Jerry how much does he have. Jerry replies about three copper pieces and an expired McDonald's coupon, mumbling under his breath that he's saving the coupon for later. Jeff says it's time for plan B then and leaps over the counter. He falls down and accidentally knocks over a lamp-like artifact, which breaks, releasing a ghostly figure that declares it's free at last. The shopkeeper asks who goes there over the noise of the crash, then says must have been the wind.
The shopkeeper repeats his lines finest wares in town, let me know if you see anything you like, as Jeff gets up noting he really needs to grind his agility stats. He yoinks a mounted deer head from the wall, then leaps at the oblivious shopkeeper with it. Jeff sticks the deer head mount over the shopkeep's head, then runs and shouts at Jerry to go, go, go, they have 348 frames until that glitches off of his head and every guard in the city inexplicably knows of their crime. Behind them, the shopkeeper continues to mumble his lines with the deer mount over his head. Meanwhile, halfway across the city, a guard is having a drink when he suddenly shouts crime. A bunch of guards start running around the city shouting the word crime as Jeff and Jerry hide. After a moment, Jeff says he thinks they're in the clear for now.
Jeff turns to Jerry and tells him they're on the final stage of the plan, they need to grind. Jerry rubs his head and says alright then, then asks if he grinds on Jeff first or does Jeff grind on him. Jeff facepalms and tells him grind for experience points, to level up more. Jerry cheerfully says oh, okay, gotcha, then notes there's no good music around there for the other kind of grinding. A narration box declares and so they grinded, then wonders if it's ground, then states whatever. We see Jeff and Jerry in a hellish place fighting monsters, then Jeff and Jerry dueling with a large dragon, then fighting fantasy goblins and the Green Goblin from Spider-Man, followed by a fight with two large creatures in a cave, a Mario Kart race with Bowser, Shy Guy, Toad, Baby Luigi and Mario, and a fight against a digital-looking entity as Jeff holds a wireframe sword. After an appropriate amount of time, Jeff and Jerry return to Vizier Wald's lair. Jeff asks Jerry if he's ready, Jerry says yes, then asks Jeff, who replies hell yes. We see Jeff and Jerry are equipped with legendary armor and weaponry and are level 100 each. Jeff smiles and says let's fuck up this evil wizard. A message says stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of Jeff and Jerry's fantasy rampancy. The end.

4 thoughts on “Episode #121: “Inclined to Grind”

  1. Episode #121 fun facts!
    1) This episode clocks in at 42 panels/frames/pictures, making it the longest Jeff comic since… episode 117 with 45 panels. Huh, I thought there was a longer break. Well, if we don’t count ep. 117 because of the AI generated images, the next longest episode is episode 100 with 78 frames.
    2) In the final frame, I was able to obtain a standalone head for Jeff (the eyes are a bit weird though), but not one for Jerry. So, Jerry’s entire torso is scrunched up behind the armor for that shot.
    3) The grinding montage pictures were entirely influenced by what sort of strange stuff I could find on the Garry’s Mod workshop on Steam. I’ve lost track of what video game references most of them are, but read below in the credits to find out more!

    Maps (in order of appearance): rp_mountainvillage by “Oskutin,” TES:V Skyrim | Tavern by “Aaskin_+_Dro4nr-a,” rp_hellscape by “Gus” and “Reykap,” Dream Desert by “ConicalG,” gm_mountainsummit by “Antifreeze Drinker,” ep2_outland_03 by Valve and the HL2: Episode 2 team, Mario Kart 64 – Rainbow Road by “Terg500,” dm_retroblock by “i touch myself ironically relax,” Halloween Crypt by “Cathode Ray Kobold”

    Models (in vague order of appearance): Medieval Fantasy Playermodels Megapack by “Marty” and “Eskil,” Medieval Street Shop by “gonets,” Skyrim Clutter Props by “DarkMario” and “ArcticSnowPup,” Medieval Swords by “Pou-L4it” and “Skip,” Skyrim Weapon Pack by “DarkMario,” Monstrum – Brute Ragdoll by “jQueary,” Dragon by “Phoenix,” Soul Calibur IV Weapons by “Rolandz,” Warhammer Gretchin Playermodel by “necrosoup,” Green Goblin Model by “low_res_jpg,” Pride Demon (Dragon Age) by “Corvidius,” Mario Kart Wii – Small SCards and Props by “BabyLuigiOnFire,” Mario Kart Wii – Playermodels/NPCs by “Mario” and “Luigi,” Dissidia FF Weapons Pack – Cloud by “flarespire,” Rigged Skyrim Armors by “TheDizcordumSeventh” and “Viktoria,” Citizens Heads by “Binah”

    Misc: Placeable Particle Effects by “madneo”

    1. @Clover Oh boy the guards in rpgs…

      Outstanding work, as per usual. The whole grinding montage is absolutely stunning!

      Really loving the fantasy arc, mate. Represent that minority genre in garrysmod comics!

  2. Goblins! Witches! Bowser! Love the montage. And the Daggerfall-esque ”Crime!” – no way could the guards all have known that Jeff and Jerry stole that stuff when the shop owner hisself dun know?!? All in all, a great Jeffisode.

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