2 thoughts on “Episode #122: “Level Revel”

  1. Episode #122 fun facts!
    1) The Skyrim armors that Jeff and Jerry are wearing (Ebony armor and Glass armor respectively) were a pain in the ass to use. One touch of the torso or hips with the physgun would glitch up the entire ragdoll and ruin the posing.
    2) I’d been meaning to incorporate a Jeff model with fingers for a while, but it was a last minute decision to incorporate it into this plotline. Good reward, I think.
    3) The Placeable Particle Effects addon really pulled its weight for this comic (magic effects, blood splatter, portal). Check it out! Details in credits below.

    Maps (in order of appearance): Halloween Crypt by “Cathode Ray Kobold,” gm_construct by Garry’s Mod team, d1_trainstation_02 by Valve team, Manifold Garden by “TheOgre26”

    Models (in vague order of appearance): Rigged Skyrim Armors by “TheDizcordumSeventh” and “Viktoria,” Skyrim Weapon Pack by “DarkMario,” Medieval Fantasy Playermodels Megapack by “Marty” and “Eskil,” Medieval RP Content by “aE.KoZ,”

    Misc: Placeable Particle Effects by “madneo”

    Special thanks to George Stukas for hexing Jeff with fingers and Jerry’s head, and Mythos for hexing Jeff’s head.

  2. *sniff*
    What a beautiful end to the arc.

    It was a wild ride from start to end and real delight to read!
    Can only say: fantastic work, Clover! (PS. Congratulations on getting rid of crab hands)

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