JeffJeff logo.Episode #123: “Dragonball Super Fail”

Jeff and a crinkly vortigaunt from Half-Life 2 face each other floating in mid-air. The vortigaunt then grins and laughs.
Jeff stares in confusion. The vortigaunt admits Jeff put up more of a fight than he expected, but he's afraid it ends there. The vortigaunt points to himself and states that this isn't even his final form. Jeff stares in shock. A green aura then surrounds the vortigaunt.
The vortigaunt starts screaming as green energy envelopes him. Suddenly, someone calls out Jeff's name from the ground. Jeff looks and finds that it's Jerry. He asks Jerry what he's doing there. Jerry asks why Jeff doesn't just attack while the vortigaunt is powering up, as he's defenseless. Jeff retorts that's rude and they're not savages, then tells Jerry to let the evil space demon with the power to destroy the Earth transform in peace. The vortigaunt keeps screaming in place. Fifteen episodes later, the vortigaunt is still screaming in place.
Jeff stares at a non-existent watch on his wrist while the vortigaunt keeps screaming. Suddenly, the vortigaunt starts glowing greener and his large eye turns a vibrant green. He shouts as a bright light emanates from him. Jeff stares in shock and Jerry in confusion as the vortigaunt reappears, now looking smooth as they appear in Half-Life 2: Episode Two. The vortigaunt smirks and lifts up a hand, which glows green. Suddenly, Jerry starts floating in mid-air. He complains that it is such a dated reference.
The vortigaunt closes a glowing fist and Jerry screams he doesn't even care about Dragon Ball, then explodes. Jeff simply shrugs in response. The vortigaunt says he sees, then suggests maybe this will do the trick. He lifts up Jeff's usual newspaper with telekinesis as Jeff stares in shock.
The newspaper is obliterated with green energy as Jeff stares in horror. Jeff closes his fists and asks how could he, then rocks start floating around him as he shouts that the vortigaunt will pay for that. Suddenly, Jeff screams as his air turns golden.
Jeff stares at the vortigaunt with golden air and covered in a flame-like golden aura. The vortigaunt stares at him in surprise, recognizing him as the legendary Super Male 07.
Jeff dashes forward in air screaming and kicks the vortigaunt, who is thrown back with great force. The vortigaunt hits a nearby mountain, leaving a dent. He cleans his mouth and angrily says it's time for the obligatory fight scene, then.
The vortigaunt rushes forward with a scream and tries to punch Jeff, who blocks it. He tries punching multiple times but Jeff blocks all of them. Jeff then kicks the vortigaunt in the face, sending him flying upwards. The vortigaunt stops in mid-air, shouting how dare you, then creates an energy ball in his fist as he says it will put Jeff in his place once and for all.
The vortigaunt lifts up a big green energy ball and shouts Super Death Ball of Doom. Jeff starts making an energy orb in his hands as he starts saying the word Comicomicon. He screams the ending of the word and pushes his hands forward, sending an energy blast. The narrator asks if Jeff can defeat his nemesis and if Jerry will stay dead this time, then tells readers to not miss the thrilling conclusion on the next episode of Dragon Ball Fail. Cut to the afterlife. Jerry is floating in mid-air crosslegged with an halo while the newspaper lies on the ground with an halo as well. Jerry sighs and mumbles he liked Sailor Moon better. The end.

2 thoughts on “Episode #123: “Dragonball Super Fail”

  1. I don’t even care about Dragon Baaaaaa- *dies*

    The posing, camera work and editing flows so smoothly together, it’s as if I can literally hear and see the action between the panels. These last Jeffs have been great, and I think Shazbot’s bar for guest comics has been raised quite a bit.

  2. Just amazing work on the layout and editing overall as expected.
    It’s a fun, well-made parody episode. What more could you ask for?

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