4 thoughts on “Episode #115: Home Consultation

  1. Episode 115 fun facts!
    1) The clipboards are the model that Dr. Kleiner reads to Gordon Freeman regarding the Mark V HEV suit near the beginning of HL2. I purposely angled them out of view, because I was too lazy to photoshop anything else onto the clipboards.
    2) The illegible text bubble in the first panel originally had blurred out text that read “Very small text. Don’t worry about these words.” After causing serious eye strain to a Discord member thinking it was something purposely to be read, I swapped it out with gibberish squiggles.
    3) The silhouette of Mickey Mouse isn’t photoshopped! I noclipped into the skybox model for this map, placed blue plastic barrels facing head on, and coloured them black in Garry’s Mod to achieve the effect.

    1. @Clover 1: Weirdly enough, I was planning on using the same clipboard for a comic page i’m doing elsewhere.
      Maybe I should use something else lol
      2: mmm scribbles. delicious.
      3: I thought they were just resized props, impressed you managed to get ’em posed that well from the skybox!

  2. There is something so bizarrely satisfying seeing Jeff talk about neurodivergence, streaming services and steamed hams. Thank you so much for putting these 2006-goggles on 2022, Clover!

  3. This is awesome. Like getting a revival to your favourite television show or film.

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