1 thought on “Episode #114: Home Comforts

  1. Episode 114 fun facts!
    1) The book in the last panel is upside-down, and reads “Why Daddy Wears Mommy’s Clothes.” I’m not disparaging crossdressing, I randomly found this model in my archives while trying to find something childlike for the kid to hold, and thought that it added a certain depth to the mother’s “pervert” comment.
    2) Jeff’s exact seating position has been rather inconsistent, but averaging it out from the old comics, he sits in the 2nd column alcove to the right of the entry doors to the trainstation. Don’t expect any consistency about that in the future, though.
    3) I like the dynamic top to the first panel so much that it’ll probably be a constant from now on (for any stories starting at the steps (which most do)).

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