2 thoughts on “Episode #113: Return to Form

  1. Episode 113 fun facts!
    1) This wasn’t just a gag, I genuinely lost all skill for the face and finger posing.
    2) The first panel was originally two different panels that matched up nicely enough for Arctic Avenger (grade A Discord member) to suggest that I should do one large picture for the intro. Thanks to him, it looks great! It also inspired me to do a more captivating first panel.
    3) I can only assume the inflate tool in Garry’s Mod has done great things for both the comic community and the fetish community. How large that crossover in a Venn diagram is, I don’t want to know.

    1. @Clover 1: Don’t feel bad, it could be worse, you could be forced to use the JointTool for all fingerposing
      3: I know. And no…. no you don’t want to know.

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