Unfortunately, there won’t be a new episode of Combine Exchange Program, our monthly Half-Life comedy comic series by superstar artist Mjolnir82991, this week… because Mjolnir has been hard at work on something even more special!

Today marks exactly eighteen years since the debut of Kenny the Cop, Mjolnir’s original flagship humor series that earned him a coveted spot on the PHWOnline Comics team. As such, Mjolnir has dusted off the old characters and brought them back for a very special anniversary episode.

The last episode of Kenny the Cop was released on September 9, 2007, so it’s been over 15 years since we last saw everyone’s favorite reject cop. Thankfully, he doesn’t miss a beat in this spectacular new episode! Give it a read by clicking on the banner below:

Will Kenny be back again for new episodes? Who knows… you’ll just have to wait until after the test and see. Make sure to stick around for more—and if you’ve been missing Metrocop’s more Half-Life-related articles, good news, there’s a brand new one coming next Monday!