Hello and happy Half-Life day! The game that started it all turns 25 years old today and Valve graciously saw fit to celebrate themselves, letting me off the hook of marking the occasion at all.

Sorry, it’s not yet time for articles to make a comeback… but it is time for more comics!

First of, we’re adding a comic released in the forums to the archive: Mjolnir’s, er, “Vortigaunt Nipples”. It’s a fun little short that’s bound to give you a good giggle:

We’ve also got the very latest episode of Jeff “Clover” Eastman’s Jeff, the grand finale of the current fantasy RPG arc! It’s a truly fantastic comic, so check it out right now and then come back here, because I’m not done:

Back with me? Good! Here’s some more news.

I’ve added a long-gestating feature to the comic archive: downloadable links for comics! You can now download uncompressed versions of comics directly from Metrocop, in case you want to save the originals for yourself (which you should, even if only for the sake of preservation).

I have to manually add all the comics’ downloadable uncompressed versions to the site, though, so this is going to take a good while, but I’ve already done The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage, Jeff (including the latest episode), Apostasy and Kaden, and I’ll keep going more or less in the default order of the series in the archive.

Now, finally, I wanted to close with an announcement: I’m releasing a comic!

Yes, that’s right, I’m finally releasing a brand new comic of my own after six whooping years. Will it be worth the wait? I’ll let you be the judge of that when it comes out on December 2, 2023. So, just a little under two weeks from now—and Patreon supporters from the €5 tier or above will get an exclusive sneak peek a week before it releases, so if you want to see it early, make sure to support Metrocop on Patreon!

Whew, I’m tired! I think that’s all for now. I’m gonna go play Half-Life 1 again, enjoy the new comics and see you back here very soon!