About two weeks ago, Metrocop released the latest episode of Jeff. Now, we’re back with… the latest episode of Jeff! Might as well just rename the site altogether, huh?

Not so fast! This one’s a bit special. You see, Jeff Eastman didn’t make this one—I did!

You see, it’s been over six years since I released my last comic, the sixth chapter of my The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage series, back on the old Metrocop. I didn’t want to go another year without releasing a comic, but also wanted to do something simpler, a one-off, and had a long-standing idea for a Jeff guest episode.

Jeff (the series) is no stranger to guest episodes, with episodes #90 to #97 all being created by guest comic makers, and Jeff (the person) was gracious enough to let me take a stab at doing one. That’s one down for the ol’ bucket list!

As it happens, for the last couple of years I’ve been into Dragon Ball for the first time since I was a kid, and Jeff notably had a great Dragon Ball parody episode, so I figured I’d just rip that off and do my own spin on it, twenty-five episodes (and a good few years) later.

Hopefully I’m not too rusty and you’ll enjoy my little warm-up. Without further ado, here’s Jeff episode #123:

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