After adding Elite & Pwnag3 and The Quest! to the comic archive, then releasing a brand new episode of Combine Exchange Program last week, now we’re back again with… more comics!

This time around, we’re adding some Garry’s Mod comics created by Mike “Delirium” Dolor. First debuting in 2007, Delirium (then “GrowingDelirium”) quickly became one of the most prolific Garry’s Mod comics of his time and, honestly, in general as well. He made well over one hundred comics in total, including such hits as Half-Spartan, Combine Commune, Fuel On Fire and Rosetta Fallen, to name a few. In fact, over 15% of Metrocop’s entire comics archive was already comprised of comics made by Delirium!

With that said, there were still some of his comics missing from our archive, so we went ahead and retrieved them for your reading pleasure:

  • The first series is In the Beginning, one of Delirium’s earliest attempst at a comedy series, dating back to 2007. Sadly, it didn’t last long, with only a short prologue and one episode, but it is notable for introducing Milly, a character that would later appear in his more successful Half-Life 2 comedy, Combine Commune, and is still her canonical backstory. As such, fans of Combine Commune can consider In the Beginning a short prequel to that series;
  • The rest are Delirium’s other comics, short comics that Mike Dolor released over the nearly three years he was active on the various communities of the time, such as PHWOnline—of which he was a member of the final, and unofficial, Comics Team—and his own website Phenomena On Break. Of particular note are a series of shorts called POS (Phenomena On Shorts), which was a series of short comics created by the POB team back in the day. We have Delirium’s contributions to that in here, but perhaps, if we’re lucky, we’ll manage to retrieve the whole series someday!

It’s worth mentioning that we still technically don’t have Delirium’s entire comics collection, as there was an original version of Fuel On Fire, his very first series, that is long gone. Maybe someday we’ll be able to find them and add them, but for now, Metrocop is proud to be the definitive collection of Mike “Delirium” Dolor’s amazing career in Garry’s Mod comic making!

That’s it for today, but, as always, we’ll be back next week with more Half-Life content for your reading pleasure and more comics to add to our ever-growing archive. Make sure to visit us regularly for new content and leave a comment if you enjoy the new additions!