You’ve read the title right—and yeah, I know we’ve still not released the final part of Era’s comics collection, but this one just couldn’t wait, sorry.

For those unfamiliar, Jeff (not to be confused with the Half-Life: Alyx enemy of the same name) is one of the original Garry’s Mod comics, first released in January 27, 2005 and with an over 100-episode run that concluded in March 20, 2007 with episode #112. Sadly, we still don’t have all the classic episodes, but with 104 out of the original 112, it’s still one of the largest collections on Metrocop, not to mention one of the very best.

As it happens, the author, Jeff “Clover” Eastman, recently joined our Discord server and started working on brand new episodes of his series, over 15 years after it originally ended! So, today, Metrocop is proud to host not one but two new episodes of Jeff: #113, already released early on our Discord, and the brand-new #114.

Without further ado, go ahead and read the brand-new episodes of Jeff released in 2022! Call it an early Christmas gift (or maybe a miracle). Enjoy!

  1. NEW!

    Episode #113

  2. NEW!

    Episode #114