We continue our streak of comic releases with a very special installment on a very special day: Jeff turns eighteen years old today!

That’s right, Jeff is one of the earliest comic series, having originally debuted in January 27, 2005 on the Garry’s Mod forums (the Facepunch forums’ precursors), and, given the recent revival, is also now officially the longest-standing active Garry’s Mod comic series. That probably deserves a Guinness World Record, honestly.

Jeff Eastman was gracious enough to produce a comic to mark the special occasion, which coincidentally also happens to be Episode #117—both “17” of City 17 and “7” of Male_07!—, making it an extra special one. Enjoy!

Our celebrations don’t end here. As officially announced on our Discord server recently, next Monday we’re marking the 18th anniversary of another landmark of Half-Life 2 and Garry’s Mod comics, the long-defunct website PHWOnline, with a very special article. Make sure to check back to read it, you won’t wanna miss this!